Writer’s Workshop: Changed My Mind

I put “changed” into the search engine… Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

There were a couple of good prompts this week. One was to choose a picture of myself with one of my pets (in this case, a cat) and write about it, but I changed my mind. (The answer to that is "Thank goodness! Does this one work any better?")

I’m using the block editor that everyone hates so much, not because I have to (there’s always the original one), but because eventually I’ll have to, anyway. There are still some problems with it, but I can work around them. So that’s changed.

Everything has changed, no thanks to the damn Covid-19, but I think we’ve beaten that dead horse long enough. I look forward to the day that everything gets back to normal — the real normal, the way things were before this happened, not some "new normal." When that’ll be is anyone’s guess. I guess one of the things that’s happening now is that we have a shortage of change, as in pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Not that most of us use change, or paper money these days. These days everything goes on a credit card, then we pay the bill at the end of the month. One day, I guess money will become just numbers in accounts.

I remember a saying, "The only person who likes change is a baby." And the older you get, the less you like change. I’m resigned to it. Embracing it, now that’s another story…

24 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Changed My Mind

  1. I like small change. Big change not so much. Here’s hoping for normal like it used to be. People are lazy, I’m sure they slide back to old habits soon enough.


    1. A “new normal” is what we have now, and it should be a “temporary” normal with us getting back to the real one as soon as possible. Preferably by the end of the year.


  2. I’m with you on the damn covid…but I’ve been finding it hard not to talk about because it is still affecting our daily life. Online school starts for us on September 9th and I know people have it much worse than us, but I’m still dreading another entire quarter of online learning.


    1. Let’s pray that we can get back to the real normal, with no masks, no social distancing, the kids back in school and you having some peace and quiet during the day, and Mary and I sitting at Starbucks several afternoons a week.


    1. It’s not that difficult, more of a pain in the backside than anything. I don’t like the way they rolled it out and they really need to mend fences with the user community…


  3. I had a lengthy conversation with my head doctor today about change. How odd. At this point? I don’t ‘do’ change well at all. And that block editor? Well I’m standing firm in my desire not to use it. I have discovered that I CAN if I have to, having learned the damned thing eons ago at a job I had. It sucked then, I doubt it’s improved a whole lot in being user friendly, but good for you John for accepting the inevitable with grace.


  4. One of the reasons I have a Mac is because I want it simple. If I have to use HTML (what even is that?) to write my posts I’m sunk, or I’ll reverse my IFTTT again and use Blogger to write. Sheeesh. And I’m not sure we will ever go back to normal normal. Happy Thursday.


  5. IMO, change is a pain in the arse. Our Kroger is asking for change, which we have some for them the next time we’re there. We’ve been using their pickup option to avoid going into the store, which I like. With that said, we miss going in the store and talking face to face with people.

    I’m glad you’re using the new block editor and I feel it just takes getting used to. They, meaning WP, are still trying to improve it.


    1. I’ll have to suggest the pickup option to Mary, although she likes going in and seeing what’s there. I think she just likes getting away from me for a while, because I’m a handful…

      There are some serious (at least to me) deficiencies with the block editor, specifically the inability to resize and center anything other than images. I’m still writing an awful lot of HTML to work around it, but what can you do? Complain to them about it, I guess, which I’ve done and was told I’d have to do it with HTML. Kind of defeats the whole purpose, doesn’t it?

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      1. You can center text in the block editor. It’s the 3 lines next to B (bold) on the toolbar. (click the little gear on the upper right) You have to be in the block mode and not the post mode to see the toolbar. There are several helpful options if you know how to find them. It’s useless to complain to WP because they feel the block editor is some sort of miracle. Not!


        1. Personally, I’m finding that adding a custom HTML block and coding the HTML statements to do what I want to do is easier and a whole lot less frustrating than wasting time trying to pound a square block into a round hole…

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  6. Pennies from heaven! We no longer have pennies so when you buy something and pay cash it is rather rounded up or down unless you use debit/credit then it is to the point. As for change, yeah,,,,it takes me. Lot to want to change something…I guess I am not that adaptable


    1. The older you get, the more averse you are to change, I think.

      We’ve gotten to where we use credit cards for everything. Mary gets cash out for things like tips and donations to church, but that’s pretty much it.


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