The End Of Summer Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Lotus Records and George Hamilton IV, whose latest album, Reflections, is available now.

Where has this year gone? It’s almost as though we’ve fallen into this continuum where the days, weeks and months just flow together to the point where you really can’t tell what day it is because they’re all the same. Before we know it, it’ll be 2021 and we’ll have blown most of the year away…

According to the weather people, autumn starts this Tuesday, though we in the United States and Canada see Labo(u)r Day as the official end of summer. I know, Autumn doesn’t officially start until Tuesday, September 22 at 9:31 AM Eastern time (13:31 UTC), but that’s astronomical autumn, and it’s easier to think of September 1 or Labor Day as the start. I know, it seems like we have this conversation every year…

Anyway, I’m just chattering here. Let’s relive the week, shall we?

I thought of the phrase "every Tom, Dick, and Harry," and made my theme for freebie day songs by guys named Tom, Dick, or Harry.

We had four Harry Potter type questions and three "philosophical" ones to answer, and I managed to do just that. With regards to the last question, whether happiness is just chemicals running through the brain or something more, I just looked it up: endorphin is a portmanteau for endogenous morphine. Your body creates its own opioids and stores them in the pituitary gland. By the way, when you scratch an itch, it doesn’t actually make the itch stop: instead, it causes the pituitary gland to release endorphins that tell you that you don’t itch anymore. That’s why guys scratch themselves a lot. See? Not just entertaining, but educational as well.

We visited radio station KFI, 640 AM in Los Angeles, California and played their top ten from 1980. Learned something interesting from KFI’s Wikipedia article: it’s one of two primary entry points for the Southern California Emergency Alert System. The radio geek in me thought that was the coolest…

Found a funny line on Lamebook (where I find all my funny lines these days) about spaghetti versus other types of pasta. Frank pointed out that the same thing holds true for macaroni, which can either be eaten or glued to construction paper for artistic effect.

The prompt I chose was to allow the word "changed" to inspire me. I wrote about how everything has changed and not for the better and I expressed a desire to return to normal as we knew it before Covid-19, which I think everybody wants. I also mentioned that we’re running a change (as in money) shortage, and how we’re rapidly becoming a cash-free economy and someday money will just be numbers in accounts. Kind of depressing, really…

Rupert Holmes was the featured artist. He’s quite talented outside of music, having written several plays, a few teleplays, and even three books.

The assignment was to write about something of which I have more than a hundred. I wrote about all these guitar picks that I’ve accumulated and are just sitting in a box because I can’t use them to play anymore.

Just looking at this, I realized that I did a lot of bitching about stuff this week. Sorry about that. This week, I’ll focus on being a little more positive. All the regular features are on tap for this coming week. No surprise there…

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And that wraps it up for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

10 thoughts on “The End Of Summer Week That Was

    1. Mary says it’s like soup outside. We had a couple of days last week (or maybe the week before) that were cooler, but still very humid. There’s been quite a bit of bad weather in the gulf, and that always seems to make it here eventually…


  1. I thought when you scratched an itch, histamines were released making you itch more which was why moms say “don’t scratch that” Ha! but I’m only an amateur WebMD wanna-be.

    I need to be more positive too. Being trapped like rats is taking it’s toll especially when it seems many in my extended circle have decided to throw caution to the wind. Non-mask wearing party animals posting happy smiling pictures on FB. Feels like I missed a memo or something.


    1. I’m just passing along what I heard. Might very well be histamines, I dunno. I thought the endorphin thing was interesting. Your body actually produces morphine. How cool is that?

      I read something interesting today: the CDC is now saying that only 6% of Covid-19 deaths are directly attributable to the virus. Apparently, the other 94% are people with co-morbidities (over 65, obese, diabetic, asthmatic etc.). I can check a couple of those boxes, but most people are safe. If that’s the case…

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