Every Girl’s Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp-Dressed Man #socs

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A friend of mine and I were at a restaurant once, and he was struggling with his cutlery. As I remember, he was trying to cut a steak with a dull knife. The next time the server came to our table, he said "can I have another knife? This one’s so dull you couldn’t cut a fart with it." Needless to say, I had a mouthful of water when he said it, and I ended up irrigating my sinuses with it.

In music, a sharp (that number sign thing above) raises the pitch of a note by a half step. On a piano, the note is the key to the immediate right of the natural note, which is normally a black key. So F♯ is the black key between F and G. A flat lowers the pitch by a half step, and is the (usually) black key immediately to the left of the natural note. So G♭ is also the black key between F and G. F♯ and G♭ are enharmonic, which means they make the same sound but have two different names.

There’s no black key between B and C, or E and F, incidentally, so B♯ is C and C♭ is B, E♯ is F and F♭ is E. Kind of. They explain why in music theory courses.

I had a question last week about what B Dorian mode is. The Dorian scale is the major scale, but starting and ending with the second note of the scale. B Dorian is the A major scale (A B C♯ D E F♯ G♯ A) starting and ending with the B (B C♯ D E F♯ G♯ A B). Again, they talk about this a lot in music theory classes, though there is a pretty good article on Wikipedia.


Sharp Corporation is based in Japan and they make all kinds of electronic doodads. They were one of the first manufacturers of pocket calculators. I worked with a guy back in college who had one, and one day I asked if I could borrow it. He gave it to me and said "that there’s a Sharp calculator!" Sharp, of course, is a synonym for attractive, like in the ZZ Top song…

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30 thoughts on “Every Girl’s Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp-Dressed Man #socs

  1. It’s interesting how much I love to sing, but music theory is hard work. It makes my eyes cross after a bit. My husband is the opposite, he is extremely shy about singing, but likes the mechanics. I thought you were going to tell us you irrigated your joking friend’s steak. It must’ve taken some restraint not to.


    1. No, I was a good boy as far as not laughing too hard so anyone would notice.

      I took a year of music theory when I was in high school. The instructor didn’t show up half the time, but I learned some good things. I’ve learned more in the years since.

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  2. I must admit that there’s just something about a smartly dressed man … I still have my Sharp calculator in my bottom drawer, although I’ve been using computer apps for calculating for a number of years now. How can one just get rid of such a treasure?


  3. Now that’s funny. I can just picture the semi suppressed laugh. I was hoping someone would go the ZZ Top route. Glad you did.


  4. Our minds drift along similar frequencies as always, John. I had forgotten about the Sharp calculators. I remember when I bought my first hex calculator. My husband could think in binary and hex doing calculations in his head. Not me.


  5. Well, you made me LOL over your friend’s comments in the restaurant. Did the server find that funny or did your friend get “the look” from him?

    I hope you have a sharp-dressed weekend, John. Enjoy!


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