The Week That Was, Labor Day 2020 Edition

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Gillette, makers of Right Guard deodorant.

Labor Day weekend here in the US, while in Canada it’s Labour Day. The unofficial (again) end of summer. For the longest time, school started this coming Wednesday (and maybe it still does where you live). A little poetry for you all, courtesy of Jim Davis, creator of Garfield:

Labor Day, Schmabor Day,
What a dumb day:
You hire some guy
then send him away
to celebrate work
by playing all day.

Anyway, I hope you had a good summer, and that you have an even better autumn. Let’s have a look at the past week.

We celebrated the end of summer last Monday with songs that had to do with the end of summer and beginning of autumn.

This week’s four Harry Potter questions were all drawn on Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire, while the regularly-scheduled ones were sharing about our worst nightmare, our grossest bug story, favorite food, and the last song we sang along to.

We visited Springbok Radio in South Africa and counted down their Top Ten from 1984.

I’ll be announcing the winner of my most recent battle on Tuesday, so if you haven’t voted on your favorite song called "Congratulations," by either Cliff Richard, Paul Simon, or Reba McEntire, make sure you get your vote in. If you have voted on your favorite, thanks for voting!

Our one-liner this week was a letter to a teacher that a kid wrote protesting the fact that said teacher took away some of his "hummingbird bucks" for talking when he shouldn’t. The kid was clearly upset…

I did a bit of stream of consciousness writing when Kat asked me to write a post inspired by the word patient. I talked about a few things, including an evening on the road where I sat in a hotel room playing solitaire all evening with The Weather Channel providing the background noise. I also taked about the Hot Brown, a specialty of the restaurant at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, that is generally loved by one and all who eat it, but sounded a little less than appetizing when it was described to me.

We examined the yacht rock of the band America. In the early ’70’s, they were considered folk-rock or light rock. Now they’re considered light rock that we call yacht rock.

Our prompt this week was the word "sharp," and my post mostly dealt with sharps and flats in music. One other sharp that I should have mentioned but didn’t was a former TV meteorologist in Atlanta named Guy Sharpe, or as we used to call him "that sharp guy, Guy Sharpe."

I kind of liked the theme I came up with this past week for the Song of the Day, so I might just stay with that, music from the mid-1980’s, the beginning of the MTV era, back when MTV actually did music. I haven’t decided what to do tomorrow for Monday’s Music Moves Me, maybe an acrostic or more YouTube Wheel of Fortune. Anyway, I’ll get it figured out and you’ll see tomorrow. The rest of the week will be about like this one, so stay tuned.

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And that’s it for this holiday edition of the week that was. See you in the funny papers!

9 thoughts on “The Week That Was, Labor Day 2020 Edition

  1. Way ta go my friend! So many ads from when I was a teenager… how I remember Summer Blonde… hahahaha! Plus good ol’ clearasil… hahaha That stuff didn’t work much for me. Oh wow, how I looked forward to watching Paul Revere & the Raiders. I actually saw them in Vegas once… they were awesome!


    1. Our local oldies station at the time put on a couple of megashows, one at Fulton County Stadium, the other at the Georgia Dome (both of which are now gone). Paul Revere was at the first one, and he was hilarious! The guy I ran home to see after school…


    1. Looks like we’ve started the cooldown. Mary said it was 61 when she got up this morning, and the early part of next week has highs in the low 80’s. I have the window in my office open…

      The blog is pretty much what I do in retirement…

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    1. Are you out west? Wunderground is talking about very hot weather in California and Arizona… but the cooler weather is coming. I guess Denver is expecting snow…


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