Song of the Day: Spandau Ballet, “True”

Initially inspired by the post-punk "White European Dance Music," Spandau Ballet eventually became one of the leading bands in the New Romantic Period of British pop music. "True" was the title track for their third album, released in 1983. It reached #1 in the UK, Canada, and Ireland, and #4 in the US.

13 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Spandau Ballet, “True”

  1. Hi John – this will reiterate my comment on one of your next posts …I’d no idea this was called ‘True’ … but I know it well. (Unmusical me!) … Martin Kemp has quite a successful acting career as well. – take care … Hilary


    1. I’ve heard that, but of course haven’t seen him in anything. As many times as I’ve heard the song, I never knew who did it until a couple of years ago. Either they didn’t announce it on the radio or I wasn’t paying attention (the more likely scenario…)


    1. It is quite pretty. Wally Lamb, who titles all his books with a line from a song, chose “I Know This Much Is True” as the title of his second novel. Ever read anything by him?

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