Top Ten Tuesday: 3XY (1278 KHz, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), 9/7/1973

The station that was once 3XY in Melbourne is now 3EE, "Magic 1278," playing oldies, but from 1967 until 1989 they played a Top 40 format. There’s a lot of songs here you probably haven’t heard, so this should be interesting.

# Song/Artist Comments
10 Heaven Is My Woman’s Love
Col Joye
A pioneer in the Australian rock scene, Col (real name Colin Jacobsen) had his share of crossover hits in his long career.
9 My Love
Paul McCartney & Wings
A #1 hit in the US, it reached #5 in Australia and #9 in the UK.
8 Daddy’s Home
Jermaine Jackson
Michael wasn’t the only member of the Jackson 5 to have solo success. Jermaine took this to #1 on the R&B chart and #9 on the Hot 100.
7 You Don’t Own Me
Ormsby Brothers
Their lone Top 40 hit was this cover of Lesley Gore’s hit from the ’60’s.
6 Delta Dawn
Hwlen Reddy
Tanya Tucker did the original in 1972, but Helen Reddy had the #1 hit the following year.
5 Can The Can
Suzi Quatro
Suzi hd great success in the UK and Australia, where she took this to #1.
4 I Don’t Wanna Play House
Barbara Ray
A song originally sung by Tammy Wynette, South African singer Barbara Ray had a hit with it in South Africa and Australia.
3 Pretty Maid
Tony Marshall
A great example of German Schlager singing.
2 Never, Never, Never
Shirley Bassey
Song reached #8 in the UK and on the US Adult Contemporary chart.
1 And I Love You So
Perry Como
A song written by Don McLean, this was Perry’s last Top 40 single.

There’s your Top Ten Tuesday for September 8, 2020.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 3XY (1278 KHz, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), 9/7/1973

  1. I listened to all of these and I am always surprised that I know them. It just tells me I have no idea what the title is for the song.


  2. Hi, John!

    This is so cool, good buddy! I love to examine vintage top tunes playlists of radio stations across the U.S. and Canada. I think this is the first time I ever checked out a hit list from an Australian top 40 station. It seems to bear little resemblance to stateside surveys. I forgot that Jermaine Jackson, backed by his brothers, scored a top 10 hit in the U.S. with a cover of “Daddy’s Home,” a song originally recorded by Shep And The Limelites, a top 3 hit for that doo-wop group in 1961. I never heard of the Ormsby Brothers. I see that they were singing Mormon brothers from New Zealand. Their cover of Lesley Gore’s biggie is bland and unremarkable, in my opinion, but then 1973 was one of the worst years in popular music, IMO, with Helen Reddy and other easy listening artists clogging the chart. I must admit that I enjoyed South African songstress Barbara Ray’s version of Tammy’s hit “I Don’t Wanna Play House.” It’s right in the pocket. The last three songs had me yearning for Alice Cooper. 🙂

    This was instructive and fun, good buddy John. Thank you, and thanks again for joining me at Shady’s Place!


    1. It’s really fascinating to look at surveys for the same date at different stations, both in North America and the rest of the world. Even stations in the same market will often be different, as WLS and WCFL were when they were the two AM Top 40 stations in Chicago. I get a lot of the survey data from The Airheads Radio Survey Archive ( which is a huge archive of surveys from the US, Canada and the rest of the world, but I’m branching out to other sites. Pinterest has images of many surveys from around the country and sometimes that can be a source, but you have to really dig there.

      Another reason I’ve been doing the top tens is because there are times when a station will have a record from a local band that won’t show up in the national survey. Recently, I looked at a survey for KDWB in Minneapolis, and their #1 song was from a local garage band…

      I find a lot of songs that I haven’t heard in 50 years or more that were nevertheless popular in their day at least somewhere. There are some songs I swear I’ve never heard, even if they’ve been around for that many years. I go to YouTube and I’ll find that someone posted the song, and it might have ten plays. Those are my favorites. My feeling is that they were popular once and don’t deserve to be forgotten.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Not too many, I agree. I liked Tucker’s Delta Dawn better and McLean’s better than Como’s. It proves 2 things: Don McLean is vastly underrated as both a singer and songwriter and Como was a very good singer, too bad he wasted his time with so many stupid songs forced on by RCA.


      1. He was indeed a wonderful man and his show was something we should have today.
        Love his reason for never singing in church. He said people should go to church to pray, not to hear Perry Como.

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  4. A few good ones – I saw Paul McCartney and Wings when I lived in South Florida and Linda was still alive. You Don’t Own Me by the Ormsby Brothers wasn’t too bad but I liked Lesley Gore’s version better.


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