Another Lamebook #1LinerWeds

Di had some good news the other day…

Seems that Tom Cruise, the star of 2012’s Jack Reacher and 2016’s Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, is being replaced for the Amazon series based on Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. Cruise, who’s 5’7" (170 cm) is about a foot (30 cm) shorter than Child’s protagonist. The actor chosen to replace him is Alan Ritchson, who’s 6’3" (191 cm). Still not as tall as Reacher (who, as I recall, is 6’7" or 201 cm), but a whole lot closer.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Clairol, makers of Summer Blonde gentle hair lightener. You can give your hair that summer look all year ’round!

28 thoughts on “Another Lamebook #1LinerWeds

  1. Poor short Cruise. He has the Alan Ladd syndrome meaning he is short but Alan Ladd had to often stand on a box to appear taller. This is one of the reasons he hated himself so to the point he killed himself. I doubt Cruise will do that but I bet he is not happy that he lost that role. I don’t care for the man and his horrible “religion” but he is a good actor and is an adrenaline junkie


    1. Well that makes no sense. What I meant to say is that I dislike when the character they pick for the movie doesn’t match the description in the book. I’m surprised that with the magic in Hollywood they did not make Mr. Cruise appear 6‘7“.


  2. I haven’t read Reacher for a few years. Probably since I saw Child’s allowed Cruise to portray Reacher. And now when you told me he doesn’t write the books anymore, his brother does, forget it. I will watch the Amazon series when it comes out. They gave done okay by Bosch and Jack Ryan. I hope this new Reacher can act.


  3. Thanks for the nod John. It is a good choice, even though we don’t have a TV to watch the series on. Still doubtful about picking up a new book though, but I read that rather than kill Reacher off, Mr Child has passed the reins to his brother. The last book we read made us wonder if there was a ghost writer involved then as Reacher came across as a bully, and he wasn’t really.


        1. From Wikipedia: “In January 2020, Grant’s brother Lee Child announced that he intended to retire from writing the Jack Reacher book series, with Grant taking over.[6] Child intended to write the next few books together with Grant before passing the series entirely over to him. Grant will also write under the pen name Andrew Child.[7]”


          1. The latest is book 25 according to the chronological order listing, so I’d have a few to catch up on but I think the interest has gone now and it would take a good story line to bring me back.


  4. Ooooh, I like him for the role, but then I am not much of a Tom Cruise fan. Back in my mainframe days, we had a security guy who had no sense of humor at all. When he required all passwords changed every 30 days to a random password, my co-worker wrote a random password generator using APL. When month two came around, he ran the program and sent the passwords up to the security guy who was fuming because the random passwords were the same as the prior month. It seems my co-worker forgot to change the seed in the program. Whoopsie! The security guy was not amused.


    1. A lot of people use the system date and time as the seed for a random generator. That way, you’re assured that every time you run the program you get unique results. But that’s neither here nor there. System guys, especially security guys, get a little anal at times…

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    1. My guess is that there are more than a few here who haven’t seenany of the movies or the TV show (I’m not sure the show has even been produced).

      I’m not sure any of the girls I went to school with used Summer Blonde. I think a couple tried lemon juice, which is supposed to work just as well (and was a little less expensive), but I couldn’t tell.


    1. A couple of years ago, I had a one liner that said “Stop asking me to change my password! I can’t keep renaming my dog!” Since I started using LastPass, I don’t know what my password is most of the time: it generates the password for me and saves it. I’m trying to get Mary to use it, too.

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        1. I read an article a while ago that recommended the “XKCD method” for setting passwords, where you take four relatively unrelated words and use that as a password ( You have to adjust it for “no spaces,” “upper and lower case,” and “numbers,” but it sounds like a good technique….

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