Cats and Collars #socs

Of all the cats we had over the years, only two of them ever willingly wore collars, both of whom were my special buddies, Willie and Toby. In Willie’s case, he only started wearing his collar after he got out of the house and was missing for several days. We had him microchipped and the collar he wore had the identity tag from the microchipping on it. Despite Willie’s propensity for charging out the door if we weren’t careful, he didn’t move much at all otherwise, so he was fine with it. When unfortunately we had to send Willie to The Bridge, I took his collar and put it in my pocket. After a while, I went to pull it out of the pocket and it wasn’t there. Lost forever.

Toby was a very sweet cat, and I bought several collars from a friend of mine at a craft fair. I picked one for my buddy and he just seemed thrilled to wear it. It was made of webbing with cloth on the outside, which he managed to scratch off, but he kept the collar on until the day he joined Willie. I have it pinned to the bulletin board in my office. I’m not going to lose that one.

We tried a collar with one other, Lucy. She was less than pleased, and we were always picking it up off the floor and putting it back on her. Finally she managed to slip out of it and make it disappear. She’s been gone for almost ten years now, and we still haven’t find it.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Wisk laundry detergent. Wisk beats "ring around the collar" every time!

You just knew I’d use that one, right?

32 thoughts on “Cats and Collars #socs

  1. None of my cats would wear a collar and our current feline, Callie, would not be a likely candidate either. Callie is an inside cat and microchipped so I don’t see the need for a collar. We have to keep a watchful eye on her as she tends to want to run outside when we open the door.

    IMO, a cat makes a house a home. When we lost Angel Amanda, Jan. 30, 2020, we felt like we lost part of our family. We adopted Callie Feb. 14, and no regrets.


    1. I think if you’re going to put a collar on a cat you need to start very young.

      I don’t know what we’re going to do when we lose Molly. We agreed to wait a year and see how we feel then, but I have a feeling we’re out the door in a week…

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  2. Many years ago I was able to get our cat Ramble to wear a flea collar, though it seems she would manage to get it off before it was time to replace. Thanks for the smile at the collar pinned to the bulleting board and Lucy hiding her collar so well. What a smart girl!


    1. Lucy was half-Siamese. We got the noisy half. She was a great cat to have around. We adopted two kittens not realizing they weren’t weaned, meaning we had to bottle-feed them and then help them poop. Well, Lucy took over that part. She was like a little mom for them. There was also the night that one of my younger cats, also part-Siamese, managed to get herself stuck between a cabinet and the dishwasher. Lucy saw that and started yelling and making all kinds of noise until we came out and saw, then stayed with us to make sure the other one was OK (she was). She could be a real pain in the neck, but she was a great kitty…

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  3. I’ve never had a cat willing to wear a collar, but I can also say that I never had the patience to keep after it when the critters would give me the evil eye of death. Perhaps in the future I can try again with a kitten or young cat who hasn’t lived several years of freedom without one. I tried a leash and collar with both Gibbs and Ziva when they first arrived, but neither wanted anything to do with it. I believe they were expecting a long life of leisure and spoiling without something around their necks.


    1. We’ve never gotten one of ours to take to a leash, but some really seem to enjoy it. I think you have to start a cat on a collarwhen they’re very young, or they’ll haev nothing to do with it….

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  4. Miss Duchess Cat refuses to wear a collar. Funny thing is, she used to wear one. But when we replaced the falling-apart collar she always wore, she figured out how to remove the new collar. She’s strictly an indoor cat with no interest in leaving the house. So I guess we are ok without a collar.


    1. The only one we really had to collar was Willie, because he’d run off. We only ever let one of them go in and out, because we were convinced she belonged to someone else in the neighborhood.


    1. Anytime I write about cats, I think about our long-gone cats. We’re down to the last one, who’s getting up there in age. Lord knows what we’ll do when she goes; we said we wouldn’t even think about further cat ownership until a year after we have an empty nest, but…

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  5. Shadow didn’t mind wearing collars that much, but he went outside a lot and somehow would manage to eventually lose them. I think I had to replace his collar half a dozen times. I would get her m breakaway collars for his safety, so I think he must have been getting his collar stuck on something while outside.


  6. My cat got complete stuck in his collar once – nose-to-throat stuck. He made the most awful sound. Then he got severe allergies and the collar irritated him so much we had to take it off. Luckily, old, deaf and prone to seizures, he didn’t stray out of our garden towards the end 😦


  7. Manufacturers of laundry detergents have been lying to dutiful housewives for ages. I always found that there is no better way of getting rid of the ring around the collar than a good scrubbing by a strong pair of hands – those strong hands belonging to the wearer of the shirt! Both of us prefer t-shirts these days 😁


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