Song of the Day: Thompson Twins, “Hold Me Now”

Thompson Twins started in 1977 as a New Wave band, but gradually moved more toward mainstream pop, where they had their most success. They named themselves after Thomson and Thompson, the two bungling detectives in the Tintin comic strip. "Hold Me Now" was their first major hit, reching the Top 10 in much of the English-speaking world, including #4 in the UK, #2 in Canada, #3 on the Hot 100 and #1 on the Billboard Dance chart in 1983-84.

20 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Thompson Twins, “Hold Me Now”

  1. I wondered where that came from…the name I mean. I thought they didn’t look like twins and then there are 3 of them:) I enjoyed listening to this tune which played often during my fun times in the 80s.


    1. There were a lot of songs from that period that I liked, mostly because that’s when I started traveling and music videos were hitting the height of their popularity. You couldn’t go sit in a bar anywhere where they weren’t playing music videos.


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