Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Blow Off Completely #socs

Usually I write these stream of consciousness entries on Friday afternoon and schedule them for 3:30 in the morning. I don’t know what got into me yesterday, I just didn’t feel up to doing this. Finally, it was bedtime and I was tired and not in the best mood. The night before last, I woke up and felt like I had gone 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali in his prime, and I guess I was still tired from that. Thus, you’re seeing this later than usual.

Procrastination is one of the things I’m particularly good at. It’s not necessarily something to be proud of, but sometimes it can have its advantages. One of them is you don’t do a lot of work on something that ends up getting canceled. On more than one occasion, I’ve gotten halfway through a project only to be told that the clients decided to take things in a different direction and that everything I had done for them should be backed up and held onto. After a year or so, I felt that I could get rid of it all. And I was usually right.

I set myself a goal of October 1 to finish a writing project that I’ve been procrastinating on for several years, and I may have to let that slip. So if I get a little quiet around here, you’ll understand. I’ll still post every day, but I might have to let replying to comments and reading blogs slip a little. Just fair warning…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Roach Motel by Black Flag. Roaches check in, but they don’t check out! Ha ha ha …

16 thoughts on “Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Blow Off Completely #socs

  1. I feel sometimes procrastination is a good thing because some things just aren’t meant to be. And others that have been shelved for a while gain a second look with a new perspective. Good luck with your project.


  2. Good luck. I’ve been a procrastinator at times as well. Sometimes when I am working on a craft project and get stuck I leave it for a while. Fresh eyes either make me start over or change it.


    1. Thanks! I’ve been working on it a little, then putting it aside and letting it mold for a while. My eyes end up hating the whole thing until I read it. Then I think I might have a chance. I told Mary the first phase won’t be ready until November 1, so I’ll clean it up and show her then.

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    1. It’s actually not a bad skill to have. Sometimes you have breakthroughs on better ways to do what you were putting off. You know that expression “necessity is the mother of invention”? I think it should be “laziness is the mother of invention.”

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  3. When it feels good to let something go, you know it wasn’t meant to be. Plus letting go of some things makes room for what is more important. Like your writing project which has been patiently waiting for the right time. Go for it, John!


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