BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “The Letter” Results

My last battle was between two songs named "The Letter," one by Karla Bonoff and the other by Joe Cocker. I honestly thought that at least one of you would vote for Ms. Bonoff, maybe even surprise me by making it close. Well, I was wrong…

Karla Bonoff: 0

Joe Cocker: 10

Maybe I need to institute a "mercy" rule, also known as a "slaughter" rule, where if one contestant runs away with it as Joe did here, I stop the contest and declare the winner. I think I could have called this one by Thursday afternoon. In any event, congratulations to Joe, and Karla? Sorry, sweetie…

Next Battle will be next Thursday, October 1. Be there or be square!

10 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “The Letter” Results

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