Song of the Day: Mr. Mister, “Kyrie”

From their 1985 album Welcome To The Real World, from which their previous hit, "Broken Wings," was drawn, Arizona-based Mr. Mister reached the #1 spot on the Hot 100, the Cash Box Hot Singles, the Mainstream Rock, and the RPM Top Singles (Canada) charts, and also scored a #1 in Norway. Kyrie eleison is Greek for "Lord, have Mercy," and is said toward the beginning of the Catholic Mass and in many other denominations as well. Richard Page, who wrote the song along with Steve George and lyricist John Page, said that the song was "a prayer." There were rumors that Page wrote the song while in the hospital after an accident, but they’ve proved to be false.

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  1. I did see the lead singer with Ringo and his All Stars in 2012…He did this one and their other big one.


      1. Yes that was it. I was lucky to see Ringo and his All Stars at the Ryman…it was Ringo’s birthday and Joe Walsh came out and played a song…I have it all on a DVD that was released.

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