I Can Barely Contain(er) Myself #socs

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So our prompt today is "container," a rather large topic, one that might be hard to address in a five-minute writing exercise. I went to Wikipedia to look up what it had to say on the subject, and got the list above. I mean there are all kinds of containers. And I’ll bet you haven’t even thought about it, have you?

The containers that really drive me crazy are the clamshell and blister packages that a lot of computer stuff comes in. I can never seem to get them open. Of course, I have an excuse, working with one hand, but Mary has two hands and she can’t get them open without scissors. You would think with all the work that goes into designing packages like that, they’d give at least some thought to an easy way of getting it open. I picture them in meetings saying "here’s the new peripheral in its packaging," and someone asking "how do you get it open?" To which the designer says "ah, let them figure it out! HAW HAW HAW!"

That’s what I like about Amazon: they have frustration-free packaging, where they’ll take the item out of the blister pack or clamshell and put the contents into a box. Now all you have to do is pull the flap out of the box, and presto!, everything is accessible with a minimum of swearing and homicidal thoughts toward the person who came up with the package…

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Bottles, cans, barrels, and kegs – all containers! Does anyone recognize the painters? I feel like I should know who they are…

8 thoughts on “I Can Barely Contain(er) Myself #socs

  1. Sometimes even scissors won’t cut that plastic and it drives me crazy! Amazon does well with its packaging. I always give them good reviews.


  2. True but Amazon use bubble wrap , sorry don’t know what clamshell is, inside the cardboard boxes don’t they, and they put tiny things in huge boxes. 😖


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