The Start of 4th Quarter Week That Was

This edition of The Week That was is brought to you by Ballantine’s ale. Brewed with Brewer’s Gold!

Can you believe it’s almost October? I can’t…

Couple of changes coming up this week. We’ll talk about them later. Right now, here’s the summary of last week.

In honor of the Autumnal Equinox, I found a couple of videos containing a lot of autumn-related songs.

This was the last week of Roger’s Harry Potter-related questions as well as Melanie’s questions. One of Roger’s questions was about whether we had ever run away from home, giving me a chance to talk about a kid in the neighborhood who wanted to, but after dinner with us decided to go home, and many of you liked that story. Melanie asked us about the ingredients of our favorite salad, and since I’m not especially a fan of traditional stuff, I shared that my favorite was a Jell-o salad with fruit cocktail in it and whipped cream on it, served on a waffle with chocolate sprinkles. To be honest, I’ve never had the waffle or the chocolate sprinkles, but it just sounded too good not to include.

We visited radio station WRSU in New Brunswick, New Jersey, operated by the Board of Regents of Rutgers University (the first time I’ve featured a college station, I believe) and shared their Top Ten from 1963.

I thought having Karla Bonoff and Joe Cocker battling over each’s version of a song called "The Letter" might be an interesting battle, but y’all showed me it wasn’t, because Joe shut Karla out. I might have to start putting a slaughter rule into effect for runaway battles like that one. We’ll have another battle this Thursday, and I promise to make this one much tougher.

Shared an interesting fact, that a single 18" pizza had more pizza than two 12" pizzas. Many of you quite corectly pointed out that you get more crust with two 12" pizzas, though. I’ve often wondered if it were possible to create a pizza with just crust, because everyone seems to like that part of the pizza. I’m sure you could. Of course, then it’s just breadsticks.

I had originally planned on writing about where I’d like to go for vacation or whatever, then decided to let the word "better" direct my verbal meanderings. And, boy, did I meander.

Was running out of Yacht Rock artists to feature (and any interest I had in contiunuing the series), so I decided that Friday’s entry would be the last of them and went with Mr. Yacht Rock himself, Michael McDonald, as my grand finale. We’ll start another series on Friday. More on that shortly.

Our prompt was "container," and I talked about my frustrations with blister packs (a card with a plastic bubble that holds the product) and clamshell packs (plastic packages that encase whatever was packaged with a seam around the outside, which technically isn’t a clamshell but that’s what I call it) and how they appear not to have thought of "how are the consumers supposed to open this?" I also talked about how Amazon has what they call "frustration-free packaging," where they take the product out of the package and put it in a small box. The ad for Blatz beer was an old one where the spokescartoons’ bodies were a can, a bottle, and a keg, all of which are containers.

Thursday will be a big day, as I’ll be participating once again in RocktoberFest, a celebration hosted by Mary B of Jingle Jangle Jungle. Visit here to see more about it. We’ll also have a new Battle of the Bands on Thursday. On Friday, we start a new series suggested by my brother Kip, who said "Would love to see you do something like “one guy, multiple acts.” Like George Harrison with the Beatles, solo, and The Traveling Wilburys. Or Eric Clapton with Cream, solo, and The Yardbirds. What do you think?" I thought it was a great idea, and one that I’m sure could fill a year’s worth of posts or so. So that starts Friday. Tomorrow’s Monday’s Music Moves me is "song titles/lyrics about neighbors or sons." And as usual, all the other features will be here.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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