Everything Old Is New Old Again #socs

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In my old neighborhood in Chicago, there was an empty lot that was about a city block long on Sheridan Road. The only thing there was a small real estate office that belonged to the grandmother of a classmate of mine. In about 1968, a fast-food place named Sir Whoopee’s opened on about a third of the lot. It was there for a few years and did pretty well, even went through an expansion. Denny’s bought the building and converted it into one of their restaurants. A couple of years later, Denny’s cleared out and a family group bought it and renamed it Daddy’s. It went through another sale and the new family named it The New Old Place Family Restaurant. Finally, Loyola University bought it and it now houses the art department.

Anyway, I bring that up because Mary and I thought that was a really weird name for a restaurant. But I’ve remembered it for 45 years because it was really weird. I guess they knew what they were doing when they named the place. One of the kids must have been a marketing major at Loyola.

There was another restaurant right across the street from Loyola on Sheridan Road named Cindy Sue’s. We used to order from there a lot because they delivered. Most of the time, it was pizza, but sometimes we’d get fried chicken from there. It came with French fries, cole slaw, and a couple of pieces of white bread and a couple of packets of honey. I’m pretty sure it’s not there anymore, since Loyola bought almost that entire block and have plans to tear everything down and build something else there.

I say almost because there’s a bar in the middle of the block named Bruno’s. Bruno was a guy from the neighborhood who had been there as long as I can remember. We went to school with his kids. Anyway, Loyola came and tried to buy his bar, and he said no. (Actually I think it was more like "kiss my ass.") Last I heard, Bruno’s is still there, as is Bruno, who must be close to 90 now.

Anyway, I’d like to end this with a classic by Peter Allen. You might need to crank the volume. This is his classic rendition of "Everything Old Is New Again" from All That Jazz.

They don’t make ’em like Peter Allen anymore, do they?

Stream of Conscious Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s George Wendt for Meister Brau beer.

Like George, Meister Brau was made in Chicago until they were bought out by Miller. Miller Lite was once Meister Brau Light.

26 thoughts on “Everything Old Is New Old Again #socs

  1. Sir Whoopee’s?? Not the name I would have chosen but what do I know… Now Bruno’s sounds like an awesome name for a neighborhood bar.


    1. Don’t forget, Creedence had a song (and an album) called “Green River,” too. And of course there was the infamous Green River Killer…


    1. Bruno had been in the neighborhood all his life, and his bar was an institution. If they had forced him out, the neighborhood would probably have risen up against the university.

      Peter Allen was a real artist. Shame he’s gone.

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      1. The reason I asked is because I love logos and I tried to look it up…it was a pub also by that name…that got robbed in 1971 in Chicago.

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  2. Wow, I can taste Chicago in all its rich layers. Peter Allen had me riveted and engaged the entire performance. What an engaging guy! Great post, full of variety and leaves me smiling.


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