Song of the Day: Mac Davis, “It’s Hard To Be Humble”

Another person we lost this week is country singer and songwriter Mac Davis. Admittedly, not actually rock, although he wrote a number of great songs for Elvis Presley, specifically "Memories," "In The Ghetto," "Don’t Cry Daddy," and "A Little Less Conversation." He had a few hits of his own in the ’70’s, such as "I Believe In Music," "Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me," and "Stop And Smell The Roses." "It’s Hard To Be Humble" is the title track from his 1980 album. It reached #10 on the US Country chart, #4 on the Canadian Country chart (as well as #14 on the Canadian Pop chart) and #9 in Australia.

11 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Mac Davis, “It’s Hard To Be Humble”

  1. I adored Mac Davis! He was a good actor and awesome singer/songwriter. Glen Campbell stole Mac’s first wife, married her, got her pregnant, dumped her. All in a very quick fashion. Then she came back crying to Mac but, while he had compassion for her, he didn’t take her back.


    1. Sometimes I think entertainers are especially prone to that sort of behavior. There are some who are able to avoid it, but I think there’s just too much temptation for others.

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  2. Oh that brings back memories. I remember watching his TV show as a kid. He would make up songs on the spot from a phrase by the audience….I think…unless I have shows mixed up.


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