Song Lyric Sunday: June Christy, “Taking A Chance On Love”

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Jim’s prompt for today is "User choice, where you can go your own way or do your own thing." And you know me, when someone gives me a challenge like that, God knows what’s going to come out. Anyway…

About two years ago, Arlee Bird did a Battle of the Bands on the song "Taking A Chance On Love," a song by Vernon Duke with lyrics by John LaTouche and Ted Fetter that was written for the 1940 Broadway musical Cabin In The Sky. Ethel Waters, who starred in the play and the 1943 film of the play, introduced the song. It’s become a jazz standard (I discussed what that meant a couple of weeks ago). In Arlee’s battle, he paired Ethel Waters against one of my favorite jazz singers, June Christy. I thought both ladies sang the song brilliantly, but the big difference for me was the accompaniment provided by the Ernie Felice Quartet, which featured Felice on accordion, Dick Anderson on clarinet, Dick Fisher on guitar, and Rolly Bundock on double bass, and by Claude Williamson on piano. In short, they swing the hell out of it. From 1950, June Christy…

The lyrics, from AZLyrics. I think June gets halfway through the song, pauses for the solos, then repeats the first half again.

Here I go again
I hear those trumpets blow again
All aglow again
Taking a chance on love

Here I slide again
About to take that ride again
Starry eyed again
Taking a chance on love

I thought that cards were a frame-up
I never would try
Now I’m taking that game up
And the ace of hearts is high

Things are mending now
I see a rainbow blending now
We’ll have a happy ending now
Taking a chance on love

Here I slip again
About to take that trip again
I got that grip again
Taking a chance on love

Now I prove again
That I can make life move again
I’m in a grove again
Taking a chance on love

I walk around with a horseshoe
In clover I lie
And brother rabbit of course
You better kiss your foot goodbye

On that ball again
I’m riding for a fall again
I’m gonna give my all again
Taking a chance on love

And that’s Song Lyric Sunday for October 4, 2020.

10 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: June Christy, “Taking A Chance On Love”

    1. She doesn’t get the credit that other singers from her generation do. She was alcoholic and finally semi-retired in ’69 to deal with that, and I guess she was forgotten after that. Outstanding voice, and “Something Cool” is an iconic album.

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    1. She was a tremendous singer and her album “Something Cool” is iconic. And yet, people forget her. She had a drinking problem and semi-retired in the late ’60’s, so it’s not hard to imagine why she was forgotten.


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