The St. Francis Week That Was

This edition of The Week That was is brought to you by Valley Forge beer. Make friends with Valley Forge, the beer with the wonderful flavor!

In case you were worried, I usually do this on Saturday night, but last night I decided to wait until today.

Today is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Give an animal a pat on the head.

The beginning of October brings the beginning of Rocktober Music Fest, which started this past Thursday. My Rocktober entries are going to be part of the regularly-scheduled Song of the Day. It was, after all, last year’s Rocktober that started the Song of the Day.

Things are nice and cool here, and Mary has started her fall cleaning. I stay out of her way when she’s doing that. I’m really no help to her, anyway. She stops in a few times a day to tell me what she’s done and to find out what I’m up to. For my part, I’m trying to win the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes. I know there isn’t a whole lot of hope there, but maybe I can win a few bucks to help with some of the project costs.

Here’s what we did last week…

The theme was neighbors and sons, since I guess it was National Neighbor Day and National Sons Day, so I gave you six songs each.

We’re back to normal (whatever that is) after seven weeks of Harry Potter-related questions (thanks once again to Roger for those). I talked about my office, what mode of transportation I preferred between bicycle, driving, and a horse, what song I’d sing on karaoke night if forced to (and gave everyone one hell of an earworm), and what I consider the proper preparation for life.

We visited Chicago and checked out the Top Ten from WLS-FM from 1985.

Shared a tweet about one of the things it’s almost impossible to do after you’re 50 (and maybe before) and a cigarette commercial that showed how women did their gardening in the ’50’s and ’60’s.

The prompt was fake, which gave me a chance to talk about fake books and faking it through situations, both of which I know something about.

Started a new series, "One Guy, Multiple Acts," which will cover the work of musicians who made their name in more than one musical act, including solo material. My inaugural post dealt with the music of Joe Walsh.

The prompt was "old/new" (or "new/old," I don’t remember; in this situation, they’re commutative), giving me a chance to talk about The New Old Place Family Restaurant in Rogers Park (the community within Chicago where I grew up) and the conflict between a local tavern owner and the cupidinous Jesuits at Loyola University.

If you haven’t voted in this week’s Battle of the Bands, please do so by Thursday, when I tally the votes and announce the winner. The songs are all named "I’m Sorry" and the contestants are Brenda Lee, John Denver, and Tyrese. Clicking on the badge above will take you there.

Tomorrow is a freebie day on Monday’s Music Moves Me and I have a great idea for what I’ll do. Trust me, you’ll love it. I have a great one-liner for Wednesday, which I know you’ll love. I’m waiting to see what Melanie, Kat and Linda have in store in the way of prompts, and I’m deciding on which radio station and which artist to feature on Tuesday and Friay, respectively. I’ll announce the winner of my Battle of the Bands on Thursday. You won’t want to miss it!