If We Could Turn Back Time… #1LinerWeds

A friend of mine posted this to Instagram.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Spud cigarettes. Fresh, clean taste, good filter, crushproof box!

23 thoughts on “If We Could Turn Back Time… #1LinerWeds

    1. I was wondering if you’d be back! How are you?

      The person in the picture is Alice Cooper, who’s led a rough life (mostly at his choice). Both he and Cher have the long black hair, but Cher is off to the plastic surgeon every time she sees a wrinkle. Since most non-critical surgery (e.g. plastic surgery) was suspended as the coronavirus made its way through the populace, Cher would have to live with her aging face and presumably would look as rough as Alice…


      1. Got it! I’ve had a bit of a health problem for the last 4-6 weeks. Had what’s called a “lower bowel blockage.” Spent 8 days in the hospital but luckily I avoided surgery and the condition cleared up with diet and antibiotics. Anyway, I’m fine now. I read every post so I’m still here. Enjoyed your mention of Bruno the other day and WAIT radio station – one of my old favorites. “Hi” to Mary.


        1. Looked up lower bowel obstruction. Must have been awful! Glad you were able to avoid surgery, anyway.

          I never realized that WAIT was a Top 40 station. Mom used to have them on just about everywhere. They were daytime-only for a long time, I know that.


    1. I don’t know if I’d be that comfortable smoking a cigarette named Spud, myself…

      I laughed a little too hard at that “quote.” Never try to look through Instagram with a mouthful of coffee…

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    1. Really? I had no idea.

      Alice and Glen Campbell were golf buddies and apparently very close. After Glen died, Alice did an interview with one of their local stations, and you could tell he was really upset about it. It’s out on YouTube, if you haven’t seen it…


    1. YouTube is full of them, going back as far as the beginnings of TV. There are also people who record an entire night’s (or afternoon’s) worth of TV on a specific station, then take the programs out, leaving the commercials, news breaks, station ID’s and PSA’s, and put those out on YouTube. A few even capture the sign-ons and sign-offs, test patterns, EBS tests, EAS tests, etc. It’s quite relaxing…

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