Edgar Cayce Was Not A Medium, He Was An Extra Large #socs

I couldn’t find anything more appropriate. Image by richardvil from Pixabay

Anyone who had George Carlin’s album FM/AM (1972) remembers this post’s title from the back of that album.

I was really bad in geometry in high school. Algebra, no problem, trigonometry, I was an ace, calculus, better than average, but geometry, forget it. I do remember learning about the mediant, which is the segment from an angle to the midpoint of the opposite side. My teacher was emphatic with us when he taught us this vital topic: "This is not the thing down the middle of the highway! This is not how you order a steak!" The point being that this was about the only thing I remember from geometry.

A book that I’ve been trying to fight my way through for a few years now is Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media (1964). In that book, he makes the statement "the medium is the message," his way of saying that the medium (e.g. television) was more important than the content, and that the medium itself is what affects society. What you’re watching on TV is less important than the fact that you’re watching TV, for example. His next book was The Medium Is The Massage (1967), where he talked about the effect each medium has on a person’s mind. Sadly, McLuhan died before the Internet was invented, something that he predicted years before. I’m sure he would have had plenty to say about that…

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My, how times have changed…

24 thoughts on “Edgar Cayce Was Not A Medium, He Was An Extra Large #socs

  1. I did well in basic high school geometry, algebra 1 and 2. Then when I took trig with all the brainy kids, I felt like there was a class missing between Algebra 2 and trig. I somehow muddled through. I think I need a teacher who presents things in different ways until you get it. Probably should’ve gotten a tutor. I applaud you for persevering through Marshall McLuhan’s book.

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  2. I was good at Algebra andTrigonometry, and even Pre-calculus (but not Calculus), but Geometry wasn’t my strong suit. Also, Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Center is based here where I live.

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    1. I never figured out what pre-calculus was, I think because I went right from Algebra II to calculus. I remember taking real analysis, and when I saw it involved proofs I started considering changing my major (which I did, jus nowhere near soon enough).

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    1. People either hate algebra and love geometry or hate geometry and love algebra. I’m part of the latter group.

      I’m going to do cigarette and beer commercials for the near future…

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  3. I dated a guy in high school who was an Edgar Cayce fanatic. He was hoping to find something in his recorded readings that would cure his color blindness. He always talked about visiting his institute in Virginia Beach. It was too much gibberish for me.

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  4. Very interesting John, and then there’s the advert…. I reckon money was not talking then it was screaming! …What damage they did. Even over here drs used to recommend cigarettes! 💜

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