Share Your World for October 12, 2020

Hey, guess what today is? In the US, it’s either Columbus Day or Indigenous People Day, and in Canada it’s Thanksgiving! Pick your holiday and have a good one!

It’s also time for Share Your World! Melanie has the prompts over at her place, as well as badges and whatnot, and the rules, in the event you want to play along (and why not?).

And awaaaaaaaay we go!

Are we “here” or do we just think we are? (A metaphysical question today folks.) Can you prove your point of view? Interesting question. Reminds me of this scene from Blazing Saddles.

There are times I think that we’re all figments of the imagination of an autistic boy, kind of like St. Elsewhere. Or that what we call "here" is in a jar on a shelf, the remnants of a science experiment on which the experimenter got a C minus. In any event, we still end up thinking we’re here, whether or not we actually are. So, for all intents and purposes, we’re "here," whether or not "here" exists.

Which brings up another question: Where are we when we’re having a dream? This is a weird thing that happens to me: sometimes I’ll wake up from a dream and think I’m back in the home of my teens, and that the rest of my family is outside the room, but then I’ll realize that no, I’m here with Mary and I’m in my own home in Georgia. Other times I wake up in a room that is like the room I was asleep in, but it won’t actually be the room, because I’ll wake up again and there’s no trace of anything that happened in the room before.

I know, I’m getting weird. Let’s move on.

From an identity stand-point, which would be the worst for you personally to lose? Your face, your body or your voice? Which do YOU identify with most strongly for your own sense of self? Geez, out of the frying pan, huh? Probably my face, simply because neither my body nor my voice is that big a deal.

Do you have a ‘song’? If you’re part of a couple, you could use “your couple’s song” OR a song that’s just always resonated with you. Not really, kind of funny for a person who posts 30 or more songs to his blog in an average week.

Are ghosts real or has someone been smoking something and just imagines them? I’ll leave the door open on this one. There are stories about famous ones, like "Resurrection Mary," who allegedly haunts Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago, and just about anywhere you go you hear ghost stories, but I haven’t had any personal contact with any. Not like these kids, anyway…

Notice how cosplayers would rather be Velma than Daphne?

See you in the funny papers!

16 thoughts on “Share Your World for October 12, 2020

  1. I have taken to going on virtual tours of Chicago cemeteries on Thursday evenings with Adam Selzer. Good times I tell ya. Nice share this week. Lots of things that make you go hmmm.


  2. Thanks John for an always entertaining Share Your World! Question number 1 had you thinking deep, man, wayyyy deep. Good answer, I may borrow that dream question for an upcoming SYW (with proper credit to you of course)…Hmmmm. All the answers were great! And I always identified more with Velma than Daphne, because the early episodes of “Scooby” always made Daphne out to be a bit of a dim wit. Velma clearly had the brains AND she wore glasses, as did I. Have a wonderful week!


  3. I’ll just comment on the last one. When I worked at the Guthrie Theater I always took the many, many stories about encounters with Richard, the ghost of the Guthrie…and then one night when I was working above the stage, Richard appeared. He even said, ‘Hi, Don’, to me.

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  4. I love that scene from Blazing Saddles. To be honest, if we are in a Matrix, let me keep believing that what we have is real from the good to the bad and ugly. Unless I have Jane Fonda’s and Sophia Loren’s plastic surgeon, my looks will go and who cares. My voice, well, I make a living talking so that would not be great but I would hate to lose my body…not the vanity way but not being able to walk. I have so much pain but I still like to walk but I need my walking poles for any venture. The venture is not that long either. I have more than one song…I love The Elizabethan Serenade because it brings me back to a time when I felt so happy with my mom and dad. I love We are the Champions because that song gave me strength when I was in high school. To Dream the Impossible Dream is my motto. I think ghosts or spirits could be around. I don’t think there are evil ones like what one sees on tv but I have heard things in my home and I don’t think I am a weird gal….just don’t ask anyone. The creepiest thing that ever happened to me was a pill bottle that I thought to be empty ( there’s a back story to this) and when I picked it up and righted it I heard a couple of pills and then, suddenly, I felt a weight back in the bottle. The top was closed and I freaked because these were pills I thought were in there a few days before but had gone empty. I showed the empty bottle to my ex and my mom. I had ripped my purse apart and every area I was at. I think my dad was sending a message because the day they had gone empty, I started bleeding meaning the pills were too harsh for my stomach. As for Scooby Doo…I always wanted to be Daphne

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