Monday’s Music Moves Me: Biting Kitty!


I couldn’t get it together yesterday, so I put off doing this until today. Everything’s fine, just a little trouble getting the lead out…

A blog I follow, and you should, too, is Bluebird of Bitterness. She has a number of regular features on her blog, one of which is the Friday Happy Dance, where she posts a person or persons performing a dance. She doesn’t restrict herself to Western sources, either, and frequently posts things like Bollywood dance routines or other Asian entertainment.

Which brings us to Yaorenmao, whose name translates (roughly) to "Biting Kitty." I found a page about her that tells us

Yaorenmao, an online dance star, escaped online after she felt trapped in her "boring" life as a member of the modern workforce. Her alternative world is a Shanghai-based video-sharing platform, where she prances and preens in cosplay outfits for her more than one million fans.

She evidently spends quite a bit of money making these videos, for the costumes and sets, but gets help from her fans on Bilibili, a video-sharing platform similar to YouTube

The first time I saw one of her videos (she has a channel on YouTube as well as on the Chinese site, I commented "I don’t know what I just saw, but I didn’t want it to stop." Here, then, are five videos featuring her and her friends doing various dance routines, about which I can only give you the titles as translated by Google Translate. If the names don’t make much sense, blame Google.

  1. "Dududu": She tells us "This is my first original single music video."
  2. "New Treasure Island": She’s joined in this by a young woman named LuLu.
  3. "Hook Finger And Swear" (maybe "Pinky Swear"?): Just a lovely video.
  4. "Aiaiai": Looks like it might actually star a young woman named Kizuna.
  5. "Taoyuan Love Song": Yaorenmao is dancing with herself here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Yaorenmao, and if you did, there’s plenty more where that came from. That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for October 19, 2020.

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14 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Biting Kitty!

    1. From what I gather, she still works a 9-to-5 job (and she’s careful to keep her true identity and Yaorenmao separate). She does the dancing in her spare time. One has to wonder if she lived somewhere other than China (e.g. Taiwan or Japan) if she’d make enough to drop the day job…


  1. Well, I must say she’s really different, but totally cute. There’s like stories on FB totally in hmmm what is this Chinese or Japanese? Either or I listen/read their stories because they teach things like helping the poor or to do the right thing etc. it’s quite interesting even though it’s not in English. I guess this is kind of similar. Anyway, you have to admit though they’re cute, quite talented, and to me it’s interesting as well. Great job John and very interesting also. Thanks for spicing it up for us and a change of pace will do us all good!!! So be healthy, be safe and don’t forget your mask! I hear the Covid-19 is picking up again. I’m staying home and starting my Christmas crocheting for presents the kids have their orders in already. ~hehehe~ Gotta love em’!!! Have a great day my friend and hope your lovely wife is also doing well!


    1. Interesting, she’s Chinese, but the videos are very much Japanese. I’m quite impressed that she does all that herself, the costumes, sets, choreography, and all at her own expense (though she does get money and costumes from some of her fans). And she’s an incredible dancer and fun to watch.

      I don’t go out much, and have been home for almost two weeks now. Evidently vitamin D and zinc have a good effect, and washing your hands frequently with good ol’ soap and water might be the best thing you can do (and is something we all need to do, anyway, Covid-19 or no). I’m waiting for Mary to get back into her knitting and crocheting…


  2. Years ago, our department at work hired a young man who loved everything Japanese, so much so that he studied Japanese, became fluent in both written and spoken, and spent a year as a teacher’s aide in a first grade class. (He ended up leaving our department, moved to a big city and became a translator.) Loved to hear about some of his experiences working in a Japanese school. So this interested me. My take: she’s pretty, she has wonderful costumes, and everything was very tasteful (unlike modern pop dance routines!) My favorite was the 4th one because it was a blend of Japanese and American music, clothes, etc. John, this is the last thing I would have expected. Thank you for surprising us!


    1. I was hesitant to post it, because I wasn’t sure anyone else would appreciate it, so I appreciate you telling me that you enjoyed it. She’s a talented dancer and it’s obvious she puts a lot of effort into the videos, including the costumes and sets. That’s what impresses me.


  3. Very interesting! I also have days where it’s tough to get the day started. Days like that I am glad that I have pre-written my posts and scheduled in advance. But even so, there are days such as today where I completely forgot to include a link to my 4M post on my RMF post. I thought I had done that a week ago! The morning was mostly over before I realized my oops.


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