I Have A Warped Sense Of Humor #1LinerWeds

I think I laughed a little too hard at this one…

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Fred Flintstone about Winston cigarettes. Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should!

R. J. Reynolds, makers of Winston cigarettes, sponsored the first season of The Flintstones. In those days, the characters from the show endorsed the product.

29 thoughts on “I Have A Warped Sense Of Humor #1LinerWeds

    1. You have to admit, it does show a certain understanding of history. Those were the days when parents threw their kids out of the house because they were spending too much time in front of the TV (where it’s likely they learned about the guillotine). I didn’t think so at the time, but that’s the best thing they could have done, make us go out and confront the world. I worry that kids don’t get that anymore.

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  1. Winston tastes good AS a cigarette should. Whadyawant? Good grammar or good taste?



    1. “The Flintstones” was never intended as a kids’ cartoon, but when Hanna and Barbera learned kids were watching it, they changed it to be more kid-friendly.

      There were times when, if a parent hadn’t been watching, we might have killed someone.


      1. Yes, I know the Flintstone was for adults that’s why it holds up so well. Oh gosh, I could have died more than once with the things we did.


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