Share Your World for October 26, 2020

It’s that time again! Melanie has a few questions that she wants answered. She also has all the rules, badges, questions etc. that you need to play along, so why don’tcha? And awaaaaaaaay we go…

What’s the tallest building you’ve been to the top of? The Sears Tower in Chicago. I’ve also been to the top (or as close as they let you) of the Prudential Building and the Hancock Center in Chicago and the Empire State Building in New York, which the Sears Tower calls "Shorty." By the way, while the Sears Tower has changed hands, it’ll always be the Sears Tower to those of us who lived in Chicago.

Here’s a cheery little video showing someone climbing the TV antennas on top of the Sears Tower to maintain them. Not recommended if you have vertigo.

What do you do to keep fit? Nothing.

What’s your jack-o-lantern carved to look like? I don’t do Halloween.

Do you have hope or have you lost it? In some cases, I’ve lost it: those are the things that the stroke made it impossible to do, such as drive a car, play guitar, write with a pen, etc. On everything else, I’m pretty good.

Gratitude Section:

I have this sore on the back of my leg that makes it almost impossible to wear shoes for any great length of time. Seems it’s related to the lymphedema in my leg, which is a chronic problem that I can fix temporarily by having lymphatic drainage. Anyway, I went to the doctor, and they were able to do away with the pain, and the doctor has changed my water pill from HCTZ to Lasix and lowered the dosage of one of my blood pressure meds. I’m grateful that I got a chance to see him and that I’ll soon be on my way to straightening out the lymphedema issue. Although I wonder why he didn’t just handle this the last time I saw him… anyway, I’m grateful that we’re on the right track now.

See you in the funny papers!

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  1. Is the Sears Tower the one with the glass floor observation deck? No way no how would I go up there. Hope the meds do the trick.


    1. I don’t think the whole thing is like that, because a lot of people don’t feel safe being up that high and having a glass floor underneath. Most of the windows have a good, solid wall and floor. I think I’d freak if I were to stand in one of those windows…

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  2. That video is not from the Sears Tower–at least not the one in Chicago. The view below is countryside with no city in sight.

    I’m with you on fitness and Halloween. I’m not sure any kids will be out trick-or-treating this year. I think the governor and mayor has nixed that.

    I’ve been thinking more about that future possibility of not being able to drive. It would be a disappointment to me, but I’ve got to face the fact that as I get older this could be a reality. I love driving.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. It’s from the Sears Tower. You get up high enough and your eyes play tricks on you. I’ve been looking for a mathematical explanation as to why, but basically what you see below you isn’t what’s below you.


      1. Actually looking at the chart at the start of the video we see a progression of different size towers or buildings with the final one being a “Guided tower” after the Sears tower.

        Whoever posted this video has merely reposted it from an earlier posting and mislabeled it.

        The same video with the title “Climbing The World’s Tallest Radio Tower” can be found here:

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    1. At this point, I hope they do, too.

      You don’t want to be another Dan Goodwin, do you? Mary and I saw him doing it. We were on a bus near the Sears Tower, she looks out the window and says “John! Someone’s climbing up the building!”

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  3. Thanks John for Sharing Your World! Your comment about the Sears Tower name reminds me of Salt Lake and their triple A baseball field. To me it will always be ‘Derk’s Field”. Whom “Derk” was (or Durk I guess?) is a mystery lost in the mists of time; but since about 1995 it’s had a dozen different names. I still say “Derk’s Field” and get some strange looks if folks know it by a newer name. We remember our landmarks..! With the pumpkin question, I think I wandered off the path. No one appears to be interested in carving up a gourd, and I should have remember this is 2020. Nobody is jazzed about much at all, and with the big show down coming in November, I ought to have considered that folks are too sober this year to indulge in silly things. My apologies! You do amazingly well given you had a stroke, I never knew (not that I would) until you announced it. You’re still full of beans and doing lots of stuff…more than I do, so congratulations! Have a wonderful week!


    1. The pumpkin question is a good one regardless of what’s going on in the rest of the world. I just don’t like Halloween. Never really did, to be honest, aside from the candy part.

      Selling the naming rights to stadiums has become the thing to do, and it gets to where you don’t know where the teams play just by hearing the name. Drives me crazy to hear the same place called something different every ten years, though…

      The stroke had practically no effect on my mental processes, but really did a number on my physical ones. I’m finding myself asking Mary for more help every day…


  4. The Sears towers are huge! I have been up to the CN Tower I. Toronto and hating it because I am phobic with heights. I was so looking forward to Halloween because it is landing on a Saturday and I had a plan to make my front very spooky but now we will just have a note in the window saying no candy due to COVID19. I, too, do little exercise and I don’t like it but now I have a sharp pain in my right hip to my lower back. It is very sharp along with the constant pain which is sharper than my regular pain, I want to be active so I can get rid of my weight. I once carved a jack o lantern throwing up. People were really disgusted by it….mission accomplished. I have hope but sometimes I am just tired. I am a survivor and will be dammed if I let hopelessness ever take hold. Just last night, sitting, watching tv with all the animals around us and my hubby near me, I realized this is goi g to be one of the best memories. Life is happy.


    1. I literally worked a block away from the Sears Tower, and you lose sight of just how big it is. At street level a lot of places look that big. You just about have to go up to the observation deck to see just how far up you are….


  5. The Sears Tower will always be the Sears Tower to me. I’ve been in a few tall buildings and scared to death. Anything over 4 stories doesn’t sit well with me because I have a slight case of vertigo. I’m glad you found relief for your legs.


  6. I’m not normally afraid of heights, but I would not take that job. I’m not from Chicago, but I still refer to that building as the Sears Tower. I hope the change in medicine works for you.


    1. Have you had lymphatic drainage? It’s a form of massage where they coax the lymph out of the leg. It’s not something that every massage therapist can do, but the ones who can work miracles.


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