Song of the Day: Sam & Dave, “Soul Man” #rmf

Sam Moore and Dave Prater recorded for Stax Records from 1965 to 1968, during which time they recorded 7 Top Ten hits on the R&B chart, two of which crossed over to become Top Ten hits on the Hot 100, "Soul Man" and "I Thank You." "Soul Man" was written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter and released as a single in late 1967, reaching #1 on the R&B chart and #2 on the Hot 100. Their backup band was Booker T. & The MG’s, and the phrase "play it, Steve" was directed at guitarist Steve Cropper, who also backed The Blues Brothers; John Belushi says it as sort of a tribute.


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  1. This is where the Blues Brothers helped a new generation find blues and soul music. I heard their version first because of my age… I’ve come to like Sam and Dave’s the best.


    1. I had their “Briefcase Full Of Blues” album, and before they do this one Belushi says “I think you need to go out and buy as many blues albums as you can.” It’s like he’s saying “go listen to the guys we listened to.” That’s how it stays alive.

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    1. They had an oldies concert here and Sam Moore was there. He did all the old Sam and Dave hits, and this got the best response. It’s just one of those songs that everyone likes.

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    1. I don’t know anyone that hates this song. The story behind it is interesting: Isaac Hayes was looking at pictures from Detroit after they had their riots in the ’60’s, and saw that the businesses that weren’t looted and burned had the word “soul” painted on them. He said it reminded him of the Passover story, where the Angel of Death passed over the houses that had sheep’s blood pained on the door frame….

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