And Now, For My Next Trick #socs

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My prompt on Thursday for Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World-Famous Writers Workshop was "cheap," and my prompt for today is "trick." Put them together and you get Cheap Trick, a great band from Rockford, Illinois that played in Chicago a lot before becoming famous. From 1979, Cheap Trick, "Dream Police."

Back in the day, I liked trying to do magic tricks, although my hands were never as quick as the eye. A lot of what we call "magic" is really sleight-of-hand, or legerdemain (the same thing, just in French). When I was 12 or 13, a guy Mom knew who was a magician came by and put on a little show for us. He was so good that we couldn’t tell what he was doing, even though we were sitting right across from him. He gave us some of his old equipment and books, too. A lot of the secret to magic is proper preparation, and the rest is being able to get people to do what you want them to do. For eample, when you fan out a deck of cards and tell someone to pick one, you can force them to choose the card you want.

There was a guy in Chicago named Marshall Brodein, who was a professional magician who frequently appeared on the TV show Bozo’s Circus, the most popular noontime show in the city. His big deal was TV Magic Cards, essentially a "deck" where every other card was the Ace of Spades. The Aces were a little shorter than the other cards, so you could riffle through the deck one way and all the cards were different, then riffle through them another way and they’d all be the Ace of Spades.

They were running out of clowns on the show, so they invited him to join the cast as Wizzo.

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12 thoughts on “And Now, For My Next Trick #socs

  1. There is a place in Los Angeles called ‘The Magic Castle.’ We went there one time and a magician removed a watch from a cousin’s wrist right in front of our eyes and we didn’t catch it.


  2. “You can force them to choose the card you want?” Really?! Okay, I’ll take your word for it. One thing’s for sure: I’m not taking any cards from any clowns. My latent fear of clowns is emerging as I get older.


    1. Forcing cards is a skill that’s essentialn to magicians. Any magic book (perhaps I should call them legerdemain books to distinguish them from books of spells and incantations) will have a whole section on forcing cards. Also a great skill to have if you’re playing Old Maid or Hearts…

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  3. I like the small magic tricks like this, not the big tv production ones. Reminds me that we had a Chinese restaurant here years ago, where a guy would come around to the tables and do some magic tricks for our entertainment while eating. 🙂


    1. I like it when the magician is also a bit of a comedian. Call it the kid in me. And I agree, the up-close magic with things like coins, cards, and dice is a lot of fun. I had a friend years ago who told me about a bar she went to, where all the bartenders were magicians and real smartasses. Sorry I never got there, it sounds like she had a lot of fun.


    1. Poor guy died of Alzheimer’s not long ago. That’s not something I’d wish on anybody, but especially not him. He brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. We all loved him. I bet the original TV Magic Cards are a hot seller on the antique market.

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