Writer’s Workshop: Where’s Rod Serling?

Rod Serling. Image by skeeze from Pixabay

A couple of years ago for another Writer’s Workshop, I related the story of a strange business trip I took, where I got on an airplane after having about two hours’ sleep the night before, drifted off, and woke up in a hotel room where I didn’t know where I was or why I was there. I was going to tell that story again, then I figured you could probably read it for yourself.

Re-reading the story and the comments reminded me of another story that had me looking for Rod Serling.

When I started working as a trainer, there was a serious need for someone to learn one particular class. Since I had worked with a previous version of the application, it made sense that I would learn the class and work on the backlog.

There must have been half a dozen clients who needed training on the software, and all of them needed it yesterday, as they say, so I was doing the class all the time. Pretty soon, I was starting to dream about it. I’d finish a day, and that night, I’d dream about what I was teaching the next day. One day, a woman asked me a question, and I said "Didn’t I already answer that for you?" Then I realized that I had answered it in my dream the night before…

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  1. I needed some diversion from all that’s going on and enjoyed going back to read your original post.

    Seems every week, on the eve of the very day I must head into work, the “work dreams” take center stage. Sometimes, it’s like a gentle reminder of the day ahead, other times, bring on an anxiety rush.

    Rod Serling was a genius for his time, actually, for any time.


  2. I looked up Rod’s bio. I remember him alive hosting Twilight Zone. Admirable man. Kind of a rebel in the early TV industry. Ribboned military veteren. Sometimes real life does take unexpected Twilight-ish turns.


    1. I’ve never really watched The Twilight Zone or Night Gallery. I guess neither was available at a time when I could watch them (MeTV shows TZ at 12:30 AM weeknights, but that’s way past my bedtime). Heck of a writer; I think I saw where he dictated everything to his secretary, which blows my mind. Died way too young. Smoking is bad for you, especially in the quantities he did it in…


  3. Submitted for your approval… my comment.

    Hi, John!

    I clicked back to your 2017 post and read the story. That’s majorly creepy! At first I was expecting you to report that you awoke mid flight to see a grotesque space creature on the wing of the plane. 🙂 The only time I had an experience similar to yours was on my 21st birthday, but it was strictly a case in which I got drunk that night and passed out. I awoke the next morning on the floor of a strange apartment with no idea who it belonged to or how I got there. It’s not a good feeling.

    I can understand how you could rehearse lesson plans and discussions in your dreams and later think you already had those conversations with people.

    Good to see you again today, John. Thanks for dropping by Shady’s Place. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!


  4. Very Twilight Zone since you had the dream with that woman in it. Freaky! Now I must read the story of you waking up in the hotel room.


  5. When I was employed as an insurance underwriter, I used to dream about my accounts. I actually applied what I dreamt about to an account I was working on. Perhaps, being in a relaxed state of mind helps with the analyzing process.


    1. I’ve heard that. They say that August Kekule, who figured out the secret of the benzene ring, got the idea because, in a dream, he saw a snake curling around and biting its own tail.

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