What Is The Soup Du Jour? #socs

Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

The very first thing I thought of when I saw today’s prompt…

The best thing about the movie Dumb And Dumber is that Jeff Daniels ended up being the funnier of the two. Jim Carrey just ends up coming off as being obnoxious. The movie is really dumb entertainment, but sometimes you need that.

Now that Mary has the Instant Pot (actually, she has two), she makes soup all the time. She makes a huge batch and freezes part of it, so we end up getting a few meals out of it. She does the same thing with chili. She warms things up in it as well, rather than in the microwave. That way, things heat up more evenly.

We all know, of course, that jour is the French word for "day," right? It comes from the Latin diurnum, which also means "day." It leads us to words like "journal," "journey," "journalism," and "sojourn," along with all the derivatives and whatever. I figured everyone was going to write about one of those words, so I decided to talk about soup instead.

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32 thoughts on “What Is The Soup Du Jour? #socs

  1. I confess to never having watched Dumb And Dumber. (maybe some day I will.) But I love veggie soups, miso soup, minestrone, butternut squash soup made with peanut butter.


    1. Mary tried butternut squash soup once, and I thought it was too sweet. I think she needed another onion, and probably some salt. Peanut butter would be an interesting addition.

      Vegetarian minestrone? Interesting…

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  2. I have an instant pot, but have only used it once. I use my crock pot a lot, though. Haven’t tried making soup in it, but I’ve seen some tempting recipes. I’ve made chicken and dumplings in it, though, and that’s turned out delicious. I’ll have to see about trying to fix a soup sometime, especially with cold weather ahead.


  3. I make a pretty good cabbage soup if I do say so myself. Actually, my husband and son say so too – LOL. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood today but it definitely is getting colder!


  4. LOL! Dumb and Dumber, escapism at its’ finest. You’re right we do need that now and again. Off to see what soup we have in the pantry. It’s about lunchtime in these parts.


      1. Not a clear broth at all – it’s made with homemade stock using the turkey carcass and then it’s packed with vegetables and leftover turkey. It’s usually delicious.


  5. Guess I’ll start making more soup in the months ahead. It’s a meal that my wife and I can agree on–depending on the kind of soup. I’m always down for some chili.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  6. Hi John – looks a delicious soup is all I can say – and yes a really good wholesome soup is just the thing on a cold day – today though is warmer! All the best – Hilary


    1. We have soup year-round. It can be 90 degrees out and we’ll have it. Mary hasn’t made anything quite as deluxe as the picture (that’s from Pixabay), but it’s still good.


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