The Pre-Eta Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Tareyton cigarettes, with the charcoal filter. Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch!

It looks like we have some more wild weather coming in with Eta, which looks like it’s coming straight up Florida when it gets here. By the time it get here it’ll mostly be rain, but it’ll be copious.

The new meds seem to be working quite nicely, thank you. Even though I’m taking a lower dose of one of them, the more aggressive water pill is keeping my blood pressure down, and I’m much more alert.

Here’s the summary for the week.

The prompt was "smart/stupid," for which I used "A Day In The Life Of A Fool," written by Luiz Bonfa for the 1959 movie Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus). I chose the version done by Greek singer Nana Mouskouri.

At Birgit’s suggestion, to commemorate the death of Sean Connery, I made a playlist of the theme song from all the Sean Connery James Bond movies, as well as adding a couple more to bring the number up to ten, because as we all know, a playlist is ten songs.

I answered questions about my favorite meal of the day, who I admired, and whether there was anything I regretted not doing during the year.

As Tuesday was Election day, and as 1964 was identical to this year, I chose the WLS Survey for Election Day 1964. Oddly enough, The Beatles were not in the Top Ten that week.

My one-liner was from Woody Allen, who had a lot of good one-liners.

I talked about a "Rod Serling" moment in my life, when I taught a class so many times that I started teaching it in my dreams. What was really bad was that after a night’s sleep, I woke up and realized I had to do it all over gain.

We examined the career of one of the busiest guys in rock, the pride of Berwyn, Illinois, Jim Peterik. I swear, you could do the six degrees of him…

Linda gave us the word (or syllable) jour and the first thing I thought of was "soup du jour," so I wrote about soup.

Tomorrow’s Monday’s Music Moves Me will feature musicians who were born in the month of November in honor of guest conductor Robin’s daughter’s birthday (and speaking of which, it’s my brother Kip’s birthday on Friday). We’ll do another survey on Tuesday, another one-liner on Wednesday, profile another busy musician on Friday, and do whatever Melanie, Linda, and Kat suggest on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. And who knows what else might happen. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “The Pre-Eta Week That Was

  1. Happy to hear the meds are working for you. We have had high winds the past few days. Even knocked over a tool shed we have in the backyard full of tools! Stay safe as you can.


    1. We shouldn’t get hit too badly. By the time it gets here it’ll likely be a tropical depression and dump a lot of water on us. We don’t live close enough to a river or creek that we’ll have any flooding, and by then the winds will have calmed down. Sorry about your toolshed. Hope yours is OK…

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