BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Once Upon A Time In The West” Results

I know I said I’d announce the winners of my latest battle, over who did a better "Once Upon A Time In The West," this pawst Sunday. However, Stephen, who gave me the idea for this battle (thanks again, Steverino!) wrote me last Saturday with this message:

My buddy Bryan, from ‘A Beer For The Shower’, tells me that he submitted a vote on this Battle which hasn’t appeared in the comment section. You may want to check your Spam file for that missing comment / BOTB bote.

Well, I checked my spam folder, and my trash folder, and was unable to find the missing vote. Since I don’t know Bryan, and couldn’t find his blog, I asked Stephen to tell Bryan to cast his vote again, and waited, checking my spam and trash folders daily, for any thing that looked like it might not be an ad for porn sites, cheap drugs (specifically Viagra and Cialis), something written in Cyrillic letters, something written in a language other than English (such as the spambot that drops a hundred or more messages in my spam folder daily asking me how to start a new session), etc. Then, this morning, bluebird of bitterness noted that today was Ennio Morricone’s birthday, and I figured I had better announce the results.

Without Bryan’s vote, Ennio Morricone beat Dire Straits by 1, 6-5. Therefore, if Bryan voted for the Birthday Boy, Ennio won 7-5; if he voted for Dire Straits, we ended up with a tie, 6-6. Since it’s Ennio’s birthday, I’m declaring him the winner. Happy birthday, Ennio!

Be with us again next Sunday, November 15, for my next Battle. See you in the funny papers!

11 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Once Upon A Time In The West” Results

  1. Oh man, I am so glad Ennio won. I think I would have been very disappointed otherwise:). I have noticed, when I write something on certain blogs, when I go to post it, it just disappears. It doesn’t take and I have no clue why.


    1. A lot of times the spam filter grabs it and tosses it into the spam folder. I usually check mine a couple of days a week and rescue any discarded messages. My About page was drawing an incredible amount of spam, and I was losing good messages behind this tsunami of ads for porn sites, cheap Viagra, and one wiseass who sent a hundred messages a day asking me (in Spanish) how to start a new session. I rewrote it yesterday and got rid of the old one, andit seems to have stopped the spam.


  2. JOHN ~

    Unfortunately, I got extremely busy (WTP else is new?) and never got around to contacting Bryan again about resubmitting his vote. Plus, he’s pretty busy most of the time also, so he may not have had time to return even if I had notified him about the MIA vote.

    However, Bryan DID tell me the following via text:

    “I boted like you, because I loved those [Dire Straits] lyrics. And that WAS a great battle.”

    So, it’s probably just as well that Bryan did not return to resubmit his BOTB bote that got “disappeared”. Because then you would have wound up with a TIE on your hands, and who wants to see a BOTB Tie after going to the trouble of creating a Battle and encouraging readers to vote their two cents? I always hated ties when I ended up with them. As Yogi Berra said, “A tie is like kissing your sister”.

    ~ D-FensDogG


  3. Speaking of spam, I used to get numerous spam messages from one source. I noticed all were associated with an image I used from one of my image sites. I deleted the image wherever it appeared in my blog and I no longer get spam from that source.


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