Monday’s Music Moves Me: Haven’t Quite Figured It Out, But I Like It…

I have Claire over at Incognitus Scriptor to thank for introducing me to vaporwave music. As the title of this post suggests, I’m not sure that I totally understand what it’s about, which might not be a bad thing: I tend to get really into things and want to know everything about them, and particularly with music, the exploration sometimes keeps me from enjoying it.

Frequently, I’ll need some kind of background noise when I’m reading ot writing. I have a couple of sites that are pure "noise" (e.g. white noise, sounds of rain and thunder, coffee shop backgrounds) that I use frequently, but lately I’ve been seeking out vaporwave. I’ve found that a lot of the artists have channels on Soundcloud and/or Spotify, too, and I’m sure on platforms like Bandcamp.

When I started looking for vaporwave on YouTube, I found a user with the handle Kurdtbada who posts both individual tracks as well as mixes on his channel. K will usually tell what kind of music is in a given mix; in the case of "Pausa comercial", which follows, the music is identified as "vaporwave – electronic mix." There are twelve tracks in this mix, so you might want to go over to YouTube (the link is above) and see what they are. K has also linked to a number of other YouTube channels where you can find more music. Or you can just listen below…

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for November 16, 2020.

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27 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Haven’t Quite Figured It Out, But I Like It…

  1. This could work for mindless tasks like making the bed or folding laundry, but I actually don’t like background music when I work, or when I prepare a blog post. The one I guess I “enjoyed” the most was the song that sampled the beginning of the Doobie Brothers’ “Jesus is Just Allright” but even that got a bit repetitive real quick. But yes, it’s good to sample new music just to check it out. Now I know what this is.

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  2. Hmmmm Claire huh? I’m gonna have to talk to that young lady! bwahahahahaha just kiddin’ of course, but I’ll tell ya I don’t know why, but the first thing I thought of people playing spoons, and rims of glasses etc. hahahaha dang, am I showing my age or what! hahahaha Very unique my friend… COOL! Kinda reminds me of the beatnik days! hahaha now I AM showing my age! shhhhhhhhhhh

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    1. Curly Howard was apparently a real pro on the spoons…

      Speaking of rims of glasses, my parents had a very expensive set of Baccarat crystal (actually, it was more like two water goblets and a champagne glass) that they got from one of the more well-to-do members of the family when they got married (would have been 66 years ago this past October). It rang like a bell when you tapped it (very carefully, or it broke) and would really sing when you ran your finger around the rim.

      Go easy on Claire, OK? I’m happy she got me into this. 😉

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  3. I’m not sure I “get” it either but I saw somewhere once that said Vaporwave is what drowning in a mall fountain sounds like. That might be the most accurate description. LOL.


    1. I saw a comment on one of the videos that made that observation, too. I wonder if music made to sound like it’s being played in an empty mall fits in? Regardless, I’m having a good time with it, and thanks for the intro…


        1. I have a few recordings that were made by Kelly Howell at Brain Sync that are like this. Many of those have binaural beats in them which, when you listen to them with headphones, stimulate certain brain waves that either make you more alert or feel like sleeping. She explains all of it on her website, It’s pretty interesting stuff. A lot of the recordings are on YouTube and Spotify. Some are guided meditation, others the binaural recordings, and a few are just music.

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  4. John,

    Excellent background mewsic while I peeled potatoes this morning. Yes, that’s right. I’m getting some of my Thanksgiving dinner dishes prepared ahead to put in the freezer. Next week is swamped with doctor appointments so I want to enjoy my cooking instead of feeling frazzled but then this is my normal M.O. for the holidays. 🙂 Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor, my friend! Have a boogietastic week.


    1. Whatever it takes to take the stress of the holidays off is a good thing. Mary decided she wanted a refrigerator in the garage so when she came home she could just put the cold items in there. As she needs them, she brings them upstairs. Glad you enjoyed the music!


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