Information For Only Children #1LinerWeds


I thank God every day that I grew up with brothers.

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13 thoughts on “Information For Only Children #1LinerWeds

  1. That is funny. Make me think of my ex’s brothers who, when young teens, went through their parents’ plate glass window fighting. Dad in Law was not impressed. I have an older brother and, thankfully, no sister I grew up with.


    1. Mom grew up with five sisters and a brother (she was the oldest) and I guess they were pretty rough with each other, but they were very close as they got older. I think her death hit them harder than it hit us, and it hit us pretty hard. I never quite took Jim or Kip through a plate-glass window (I’m the oldest, shortest, and when I was younger the lightest)…


  2. I’m glad I had a brother who never picked up a shovel. Instead, he taught me how to climb trees, drown spiders, and build snow tunnels. You know…the important stuff.


    1. Did you ever have the experience where, if someone tried to break up a fight between brothers, they both turn on the peacemaker, then go back to what they were fighting about?


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