Song of the Day: The Commodores, “Lady (You Bring Me Up)”

The musicians that would become The Commodores met at Tuskeegee Institute in Alabama in the late ’60’s. They were signed by Motown Records in 1972 and came to the attention of the music world when they toured with the Jackson 5. Their most successful period was from the late ’70’s through the mid ’80’s when Lionel Richie was the co-lead singer. "Lady (You Bring Me Up)" was a Top Ten single on the Hot 100 (#8) and the R&B chart (#5) and also reached #13 on the Adult Contemporary chart in 1981.

9 thoughts on “Song of the Day: The Commodores, “Lady (You Bring Me Up)”

  1. Sorry John I’m running behind…work has been crazy… I like the Commodores a lot. I hope I haven’t told you this…but they remind me of getting in trouble. In a class in Jr High and some girl had a portable 45 single player on the floor near my foot… in a quiet class, I used my foot and nudged the single…all of a sudden at full blast… “Once Twice Three Times…”…the teacher was not amused.


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