A Trip To The Kitchen #socs

Image by JJuni from Pixabay

We don’t have a whole lot of space in our kitchen, and given my mobility issues I stay out of there. So I haven’t put anything in the refrigerator in some time. It’s like this magic room that Mary walks into and comes out with food. She does a lot of cooking in advance, too: today she made chicken soup, so that’s in the refrigerator and the freezer. She’s also made chili that’s also in the refrigerator and freezer.

We have two refrigerators, one in the kitchen and one in the garage. Mary wanted the one in the garage for additional storage, and because that way she doesn’t have to haul all the cold and frozen items upstairs and put them in the refrigerator in the kitchen when she gets home from the store.

The Chicago Bears won the 1986 Super Bowl, and their top rookie was a defensive tackle named William Perry, who was 6’2" and 335 pounds (that’s 188 centimeters and 152 kilograms for you metric folks), earning him the nickname "The Refrigerator." To celebrate, they made a videotape they called "The Super Bowl Shuffle," with the proceeds going to charity. He’s #72; you can’t miss him…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Parliament 100 cigarettes with the recessed and charcoal filter.

16 thoughts on “A Trip To The Kitchen #socs

  1. Cooking in batches makes a lot of sense. I love using “leftovers” and making a batch of veggie chili last three days: Chili and rice, taco salad, and then I make a shepherd’s pie variation.


    1. Mary just loves it. She can unload the refrigerated and frozen food in the garage and not have to carry it up the stairs. She doesn’r seem to mind running up and down the stairs to get stuff, either.

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    1. We don’t notice it like we did when we had more cats, but anytime we’d get a box and set it on the floor in the living room, they’d come in and investigate it. We’d say, “ooh, mysterious box of secrets!” or words to that effect…

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  2. Back in the day, when we owned our house in Fl, we had an extra frig in the garage. It came in handy when bringing in groceries and also for extra storage. The appliances in our apartment leave a lot to be desired so we bought our own frig and had them tote theirs away. There are some things in life that have to be the way you want them to be. So there! lol


      1. Yep, that happens. We have our own washer and dryer and we replaced the washer about 3 years ago. However, the dryer we had in Jacksonville and is 15 years old – Kenmore. Go figure.


        1. I think dryers are more durable than washers. Mom and Dad had a washer and dryer that they bought after they were married (probably 1955). The washer bit the dust in probably 1965, but the dryer was still going even after we gave them both to the landlord when we left that building.

          Kenmore was made by Maytag back in the days when that meant something… 🤣

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  3. “The Fridge,” as he was called for short, was unique for his era because he was one of only a handful of players that weighted over 300#. Now it is almost unheard of for an interior lineman on a pro football team to be under 300#. The Fridge has been beset with health issues since his glory days as were so many other players in that video. Happy Thanksgiving and “Hi” to Mary.


    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

      I’ve never been much of a football fan, but I know that players are a whole lot bigger than when I was younger, and they take a whole lot more punishment than they did. I’m sure some of the health issues are connected with steroid use…


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