Song of the Day: Lionel Richie, “Dancing On The Ceiling”

I’ll be moving on from R&B after today, but I’ll probably return to it sometime in the new year.

Lionel Richie was a member of The Commodores from 1968 until starting his solo career in 1982, and has been one of the best-selling artists since then, selling over 90 million records. "Dancing On The Ceiling" was the title track to his 1986 album, and was a Top 10 single on the Hot 100 (#2), the R&B chart (#8), and the Adult Contemporary chart (#3) in the US, #3 in Canada (where it was certified Gold), #2 in Australia, #8 in the Netherlands, and #7 in the UK.

14 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Lionel Richie, “Dancing On The Ceiling”

  1. I remember this one. In the eighties…it gets overlooked now but the guy was about as hot a performer as you could get which you know. Everything he did turned to gold…kind of like Phil Collins but not as saturated.


  2. Love this song! Got to see him do it live twice too. I used it for a while on our answering machine one of the years the Cowboys won the Super Bowl – LOL.


  3. We had a TV show on the (Australian) ABC called RAGE. Every Saturday and Sunday morning it would play Australia’s Top 100 songs (the video clips). It started in the early hours of the morning (maybe midnight). Standard TV fare every weekend. I remember this clip clearly (still love the song).

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