Simply Six Minutes: Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways

You probably recognize, at least if you were a kid growing up in the US during the ’60’s, the title of this piece as the marketing slogan for Wonder Bread, which I haven’t seen in years, probably because I haven’t looked for it. I saw a commercial for it from the ’50’s and the slogan was "helps build strong bodies 8 ways." I guess technical advancements in the bread-making industry allowed the makers to increase the number of ways it builds strong bodies by 50%.

Almost 3 years ago, I wrote a blog post for Just Jot It January on a day when the prompt was boisterous. I drew a little heat for suggesting that it should be spelled boysterous, because the definition reads like the job description of a boy. Not that girls can’t be boisterous, as several of my fellow bloggers pointed out (no doubt thinking I was suggesting that they couldn’t), but boys seem to have a greater need for roughhousing and generally getting into trouble than girls do.

There was more that I was going to write, but the alarm just rang…

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21 thoughts on “Simply Six Minutes: Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways

  1. Just the smell of Wonder white bread made you want to eat it. PB&J sandwiches were my fave. I love the crust and heels of any bread better than I like the bread itself.


  2. I so agree about boysterous because boys will find mud puddles and jump in them and roughhouse whereas girls do other things but are not like this.


    1. I think there are certain things about boys and girls that are hard-wired and not just learned behavior. At one time we could accept that and allow for it; now, not so much. I want to read Christina Hoff Summers’s book “The War Against Boys.” I’ve read some reviews and some of the other things she’s written. Her contention is that society treats boys like defective girls, particularly in schools…


  3. Thanks for posting that. My personal experience with a son and a daughter was that my son was boysterous and my daughter wasn’t boisterous. However, girls are known as giggly. My daughter and her friends weren’t giggly, but my son and his friends were. Some “stereotypes” apply and some don’t. I think “boysterous” is cute. Happy Thanksgiving!



  4. Reading the comments you talked about “heels” in reference to bread. I guess this is a language difference and you mean the end slices? Here we’d call the end slices the crusts as well. But I have to admit, the crusts (around a lice and at the ends) are my favourite bits.


  5. John, I will admit the truth to you…I love Wonder Bread! My favorite sandwich, from my childhood, was Bologna and cheese on Wonder Bread. Mmmmm….makes my mouth water just thinking about it! Thank you for participating again this week!


        1. It’s still available, I just haven’t seen it and it isn’t something we typically buy. By the way, just learned that the expression “best thing since sliced bread” was Wonder Bread…

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  6. As a kid, I had fried-in-butter bologna sandwiches on Wonder white bread. Not sure if it helped build a strong body or contributed to the squishiness of an older body that ate too much bad food for 50 years.


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