Simply 6 Minutes: Missing People

Think of your best friend from grammar school, and ask yourself, "if I was in a jam, could I get on the phone and call that person to help?"

My guess is that better than half of you wouldn’t be able to. You might not even remember who your best friend in grammar school was, let alone how to get in touch with them. You might find some of your old classmates on Facebook, but if you remember them, will they remember you?

My mother was different. She met her best friend when she was ten, and they remained friends until Mom died. She showed me a picture from her 40th high school reunion and could recite the names of all the women. But they were acquaintances, except for her best friend. Still, she remembered everyone in that picture.

Mary (my wife) talks about seasons in friendships. You’re together with someone for a season, then you go your separate ways, not hating each other, maybe quite fond of the other person, but life somehow intervenes. And, except for the occasional memory, you hardly think of the other person. They’re out of season…

Written for Simply 6 Minutes

16 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: Missing People

  1. Nice to remember old friends. I see some of mine on FB. The longest time my best friend and I have known each other was way back before we were old enough to go to school. Our moms were friends. Then we went through every grade in school together, and even now (though she lives in another city) we are in touch quite a lot. Got a Christmas card from her just today, and we text a lot, too.


  2. There are friends for a season, friends for a reason and friends for a lifetime. I recall my friends in grade school and my friend in high school but I don’t know where 2 of them are. There is one I am Facebook friends with and that’s enough for me. My key friends are the ones I made when I went to university and we are still close after all these decades. Your mom is lucky.


  3. Hi John – what a true reminder of life at this time – yes friends can come and go, and some stay. You’ve reminded me … I must ring some friends – I’ve been lax being in my own little bubble … so onto the telephone I will go. Thanks – all the best – Hilary


  4. I wish I had kept in contact with my friends from high school. Sadly, I moved, and over time lost contact. It makes me sad because true friends are hard to find. I do have a handful of friends I stay connected with on Facebook. But it’s not the same as having them nearby. And it is actually a reconnection once we found each other on Facebook. With work and life it’s hard to find really true friends 😢


  5. I love this! It is so true about meeting people. Sometimes I think back to a time in my life and I think, “Wow, I was friends with this person and that person”. I have a few friends that I believe I could still call. Definitely from high school. Probably a small handful from elementary school. I do know that there are a few that if I did need them they wouldn’t flinch if they heard from me. I would be there for them too. Some people I am happy not talking to! Lol. Thanks for participating this week!


  6. my longest friendship goes back to when i was 4 and met my ex-husband who now has passed away. my other long friendship was from the same age, terri, who lived behind me, and we are still connected though she lives in ca. she met my daughter and grandchildren last year and remembers my daughter when she was just a baby

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  7. My longest friendship goes back to junior high. He lives in Arkansas so I rarely see him, but we do occasionally talk on the phone. I wish I could reconnect with folks from elementary school, but I lost touch with them many years ago after we moved from San Diego back to the East.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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