Simply 6 Minutes: I Knew Him When

Hmm… looks like a misprint… let’s try this…

Back in the days when Saturday Night Live was actually funny, they did a sketch which I think was called "Dork, Geek, or Spaz?" It was a panel of high school students who would watch as various misfits would come out on stage, then they would decide whether the misfit was a dork, a geek, or a spaz. Kind of like the old TV show What’s My Line? where Dorothy Kilgallen, Fred Allen, Arlene Francis, and Bennett Cerf were replaced by high school snobs. The last contestant to come out was (I think) played by Emilio Estevez, who was a new kid in the school and to all outward appearances was a pretty cool guy. Then, of course, the moderator (if you’re keeping score, John Charles Daly) pulls out the yearbook from his old school and reveals that the kid was the Dungeonmaster of the Dungeons and Dragons Club.

It’s bad enough when other people subject you to this sort of humiliation. It’s far worse when you do it to yourself. Your brain holds memories of everything that’s ever gone on in your life, the good stuff as well as the bad. It’s usually in the dead of night, when you wake up at 3 AM and can’t get back to sleep, that you’re reminded of the really bad stuff…

My stroke damaged an area of my brain and rerouted everything around it so that I could continue to function, and sometimes I think it routed things through the areas in my brain that hold the bad memories of things I did that I’m ashamed of, or things that I was shamed for. On the other hand, I have some really great dreams. Those might be a result of all the stuff I take to keep my blood pressure under control (so I don’t have another stroke), the antidepressant I take (just because), and/or the naproxen sodium I take way too much of to control the pain in my knees.

One things for certain: I’ll never go into politics. There are too many people with too much to blackmail me with.

I’m sure no one will mind my taking a moment to announce that this post #4000 on The Sound of One Hand Typing.

Christine over at Stine Writing makes Simply 6 Minutes happen.

22 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: I Knew Him When

  1. First, congratulations on your 4000th! I am honored that it is also on my event! Thank you for participating. It is strange how the brain works, what it wants to remember and what it wants to forget. I mean who really decides?


  2. Congrats 🎊 on post 4000. That’s awesome 😎

    I need to figure out how to turn that part of my brain off. I bet it is the same part of the brain that convinces me every minor pain is going to be fatal. Ah to sleep again. Pipe dreams😴 🛌


    1. Mom was having terrible headaches and was seeing double, so she went to the optometrist, thinking he would tell her she had a brain tumor. She needed bifocals..

      A trick I learned: no screens an hour before bed. No TV, no phone, no computer, nothing. It spares your eyes and you sleep better…

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  3. I try not to think of the past or future much. Thanks for the kind words you left for me on the loss of Jinx. XO


  4. Congrats, John. That’s quite a milestone. Given the morons we’ve elected in the past, I doubt there’s anything on your resume that would keep you out. You may not want to run for office, but you’d be a step up.

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