2002 Honda Odyssey, like ours but not

For a while, Mary owned the building she grew up in. It was a family-owned placed, and she was the last in the family. We would drive to Chicago a couple of times a year to check up on the place and bring some things home to Atlanta. She decided she wanted to have a minivan so we could haul more stuff home with us, so we bought a 2002 Honda Odyssey. It’s been our main vehicle ever since.

I had a 1992 Honda Accord that I mainly used to drive to the office, on business when I went someplace nearby (like Knoxville or Bimingham), and to and from the airport after we bought the van. After 21 years, we decided to donate it to the St. Vincent DePaul Society at church. For all I know, it’s still going, somewhere.

I’d write some more, but I’m at the maximum time…

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  1. I’ve never owned a Honda, but have heard they last a long time. Glad yours was still running and that you donated it. I love my SUV and can’t imagine having a car with a separate trunk anymore.


    1. I think we end up with more stuff to lug around as we get older, and it’s easier to get groceries and other things out of the trunk (or back end) if you don’t have to bend over to get it. Mary uses a countertop oven now so she doesn’t have to bend over to get stuff out of it.

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  2. Your minivan was a cool one. Our family owned a 1987 Ford Aerostar powered blue. Not cool at all. But it was an upgrade from the 1974 Ford Countrysquire station wagon with the faux wood. We also owned a 1967 Pontiac Executive sedan with white faux leather seats. As long as it was wide. Lol. Fun to go down car memory lane.

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    1. Did you have a big family? A lot of families in my neighborhood when I was in grade school had station wagons, because they had 4 or 5 kids. Either that, or they were hauling a lot of stuff. Did you ever ride on the bench in the back that faced out the back window?

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      1. Eight kids in a blended family but the three oldest moved out before I came along. As the youngest, I was 2nd row middle on the hump. My brothers usually got the bench in the back. Though if they weren’t going, I’d grab the seat when I could.


  3. I bought an SUV in late 2010 and I’m not sure how I lived without it or how I could ever go back to a regular four-door. SUV’s and minivans are the best when you have to haul anything – like boxes of personal items or a bicycle or a lot of groceries. It’s great to see that your Honda is still going strong and taking care of business.

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  4. We just rented a 2020 Toyota Sienna van. It’s scary. It can do more things than most college graduates. It has USB ports everywhere and can handle Alexa connections and I suspect it could probably do our taxes.
    We rented it for our Christmas trip to South Texas. It drives well, but I think it is “tsk,tsking” about my choice of music.

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    1. It would have cost us more to sell it than to donate it, and it went for a good cause. It was old and had cosmetic issues, but still a good solid car under the hood (what you call the bonnet). We took good care of it.

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