The Halfway Thru December Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Norelco. Noëlco: even our name says "Merry Christmas!"

As of today, we have 18 days before we can put this shitty year behind us. That’s the only way I can put it.

This is really my favorite time of the year, the end of it. In the old days there were all kinds of holiday specials on TV, all kinds of party food (even if you didn’t have a party), and a generally festive mood. This year, no such luck. The Christmas specials are all moving to video on demand, the festive mood is all but gone. But, there’s still food. So, everything is okay. Right? Right!

So let’s see what I did last week.

We have a considerably shorter Xmas Music Xtravaganza this year, only three weeks of Christmas music and a fourth of New Year’s tunes, and I plan on making the most of the weeks we have. This past week, I put up a video of Greek Christmas music. I hope everyone enjoyed it; as I told someone, the great thing is, even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you can enjoy the music and the video. I won’t be quite as esoteric this week.

The questions were about our favorite winter sports, whether we donate to charity, our favorite way to celebrate December, and what effect, if any, Covid-19 will have on my plans for the month.

I neglected to announce the winner of my last Battle of the Bands, which pitted The Dave Clark 5’s "Anyway You Want It" against Journey’s completely different "Anyway You Want It." Journey won over Dave by one vote. I remembered Chicago also had a song called "Anyway You Want," from Chicago VIII, but I doubt it would have made a difference.

We were off to Kalispell, Montana, in the far northwest corner of the state, and visited radio station KOFI to see what they were playing in 1967. And yes, The Monkees sat atop the survey.

Wrote a piece about people from your past that know embarrassing things about you, particularly yourself. That post, incidentally, was my 4000th here.

My one-liner was about large, terrifying-looking men who get all kissy-faced about their tiny dogs. I’m pretty much the same way with cats. I don’t really look that terrifying, though…

I talked about how Mary and I are coping with Covid-19, which is really no big deal, because we spend most of our lives in the house, anyway, don’t have kids, and don’t have work to be concerned about. I think we should all make a New Year’s resolution not to talk about Covid-19 anymore, because we dwelled on it a little much this year.

The featured artist was singer/songwriter/keyboardist/guitarist/record producer Al Kooper. He’s done a lot in his almost 60 year career.

The prompts were mini- and maxi-, and I wrote about our minivan, which is 18 years old and still in good running condition.

We’ll do more Christmas music tomorrow, some more traditional stuff, because that’s just the kind of Chritmas guy I am. We’ll do another Battle of the Bands on Tuesday, as well as visit another radio station, and we’ll feature another artist who’s worked with a number of different acts on Friday. Everything else requires some input from the people who run the blog hops, so we’ll have to wait on them. It’s going to be a fun week, anyway.

8 thoughts on “The Halfway Thru December Week That Was

  1. Not too surprised that Journey edged out DC5 since they probably had a bigger hit with their song and more people know it. DC5 doesn’t ever seem to get much airplay anymore.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Some oldies stations play them. We had one here that played a couple of their songs, but you almost have to be looking for them to hear them anymore.


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