Share Your World For December 14, 2020

Hey, kids, what time is it? Why, it’s Share Your World Time! Melanie has the rules, questions, badges, and pingbacks at her place. Are we ready? Awaaaaaay we go!

What news event do you vividly remember hearing about as a child, and where were you? I have to go with JFK’s assassination on November 22, 1963. The three of us were at home, sick with the flu, all out on the back porch (more like a family room) watching Bozo’s Circus, when they broke in with the news that he had been shot. A half hour later, they announced that he had died. I think he had probably died before we got the news he had been shot, but this was 1963 and news traveled at the speed of rush hour traffic, when the reporters on the scene had to line up to use the pay phones to call in with their stories. I think the local Dallas channels did a better job than the networks. A YouTube user named David Von Pein has a fantastic channel where he’s accumulated videos from the TV networks, audio from the radio networks, and all the local radio and TV reporting.

The thing I remember really clearly was Lee Harvey Oswald being shot and killed by Jack Ruby a couple of days later (Sunday). We were waiting for our parents to get ready to go to Mass and were watching TV and saw the whole thing happen. We didn’t make it to church that day…

What is a Christmas song that makes you cringe? The ones by Paul McCartney ("Wonderful Christmastime") and John Lennon ("Happy Christmas (War Is Over)"). Those and "Do They Know It’s Christmas?" The first is just insipid, the last two annoying and preachy.

What is one place you shop(ped prior to Covid) that might have surprised people? I’m not sure of anywhere, honestly. I remember going to a Christian bookstore looking for Phil Keaggy albums, but that’s about the only thing, and that isn’t really that unusual.

What is your least favorite holiday side dish? Green bean casserole. Gack!

Share something heart warming that’s happened to you lately. Not heartwarming, necessarily, but I received my leg pump for my ongoing lymphedema issues. Kate, my therapist, and Mike, the salesman, did a great job getting Aetna to pay for 80% of it. It pushes the lymph away from my leg and back into the lymphatic system so that I can get rid of it. I have to go to the bathroom a lot more (my new nickname is Captain Whiz), but I don’t care: it’s out of my leg, which makes my leg a lot lighter and more flexible and makes the compression garment I wear work better. It’s a huge boost to my sense of well-being.

15 thoughts on “Share Your World For December 14, 2020

  1. I’m with you on the Christmas songs, John, and the news about JFK. It’s interesting about the speed at which news travels. I remember in the early days of Twitter, Some New Yorkers received tweets about an earthquake near Baltimore before they felt the shock wave rumble through Manhattan. What a difference.


    1. I know how that is: my brother’s wife gave birth and twenty minutes later I had a picture of him. And it didn’t even come from him: he sent it to one of my many cousins and she sent it to me, so she probably got it before I did. Anytime there’s severe weather, I check Twitter to see where the storm is and how much damage it’s causing. It’s so much faster than watching on TV or getting it from the radio.

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  2. Thanks John for Sharing Your World and some very annoying Christmas tunes! 😉 I’m very glad you got an early Christmas prezzie too, that pump sounds like it’s going to make your life so much better! I hope it keeps on giving too! I was three and a bit when JFK was shot, and I remember my mother’s grief over that, but I don’t have any recollection of Jack Ruby, although I’m sure a lot of folks were very supportive of what he did. It’s so odd and not a little disheartening to me that the things that mankind remembers best are usually always terrible things. See YOU next week in those same funny papers! Keep smilin!


  3. I gave question #1 some thought. My most vivid memory of a historic event that happened when I was a child has to be VJ day in August of 1945 – the end of World War II. I was 11 years old. As you know, we lived a few hundred feet from Lake Michigan in Chicago with a place called Albion Beach as our “back yard.” I will never forget the celebration that took place that day and night on the beach. People just poured out onto the beach. There was drinking, dancing , fireworks, cheering. There were hundreds of people. The police were there just smiling and letting it happen. I remember going to bed that night and waking up sometime in the middle of the night and hearing the partying still going on. When I got up the next morning and looked out at the beach there were still some people still milling around. Quite a memory!

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  4. I remember the Kennedy assassination well. I was at college in Missouri and remember I wanted to go home. I like Christmas Carols and some of the older Christmas songs like Frosty the Snowman and Dreaming of a White Christmas. I think a lot of the so-called Christmas music is overrated. I am glad you have resolved some of the issues with your leg.


    1. I couldn’t sleep the night after Kennedy was assassinated. Dad came in and said, “Johnny, he’s probably sitting up in Heaven laughing his ass off at us.” Somehow that image has stayed with me all these years.

      Where I have the greatest respect for the old performers is when they don’t use the traditional carols to show off their vocal abilities or fashion the song too much to their particular style. Those are more than just songs, they’re part of our lives.

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  5. I wasn’t around when Kennedy was shot but I remember the Munich Olympics. I was 8 yrs old and when I saw the one terrorist come out on the balcony, my heart stopped and I told my mom that man is evil. I didn’t quite get what was going g on and why but I knew lol those men would die no matter what because of the evil. I remember Jim McKay give us a play by play on these events and when he said “They’re All Gone.”. Those songs are a bit much for sure but I hate these new “artists” who create a song and through 8n the word “Christmas” and now its a Christmas song. They all sound the same. Also, Eartha Kit does the best Rendition on Santa Baby so everyone else, please stop making a new version because they all suck. Taylor Swift’s is one of the worst. I don’t know of any place I shop at but maybe the pot store would fit. I buy mainly for my hubby who uses it on occasion to calm his brain down and some pain. I can’t smoke the stuff and I tried the gummies but it didn’t do much. Maybe I should try again. I have received some very heartwarming remarks from clients I “saw” . They gave me. Such glowing reviews that it truly touched m6 heart and makes me feel good plus that I am doing my job right!


  6. I don’t know the songs you answered with and I am able to say I pretty much like all of the Christmas songs. To keep my “innocence” I’m not going in search of the ones you mentioned.


    1. You were probably too young. I barely remember the Bay of Pigs and Krushchev’s visit to the UN, but I was maybe 5 when Bay of Pigs happened and maybe 3 when Krushchev came. But Kennedy I remember very well.


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