This week, we have two lovely songs named "You Belong To Me" sung by two lovely ladies.

CONTESTANT #1: Patsy Cline: A ballad from the early 1950’s by Chilton Price, Pee Wee King, and Redd Stewart that had been done by Patti Page, Jo Stafford, and Dean Martin. From Patsy’s 1962 album Sentimentally Yours.

CONTESTANT #2: Carly Simon: A song by Carly and Michael McDonald that was originally done by The Doobie Brothers. This was the first single from Carly’s 1978 album Boys In The Trees, and reached #6 on the Hot 100, earning her a Grammy nomination in 1979.

Here are your instructions, if you’ve never done this before or it’s been a while.

  1. Listen to the two songs.
  2. Decide which song you like the best.
  3. Vote for your favorite by leaving me a comment with your choice. If you feel like telling us why, feel free.
  4. Then, visit the other participants and vote in their Battles:

I’ll tally the votes and announce the winner next Tuesday, December 22, so be sure and submit your voice before then.

The lines are now open. Best of luck to Patsy and Carly!

18 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “You Belong To Me”

  1. John,

    I apologize for missing your battle. I swear, I tried getting over here but honestly I’ve had too much on my mind with our staycation and Christmas. Had I gotten here in time, then I’m fairly confident that I would’ve gone with Carly between these two great songs! Have a very Merry Christmas, my friend!

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  2. If you had used the Doobie Brothers’ version of ‘You Belong To Me’, they would have certainly gotten my BOTB bote. But Carly Simon trying to duplicate their great original? Nope! Not buyin’ it! Nice try but… not buyin’ it!

    PATSY CLINE all the way. Classic song; classic rendition. Nuttin’ to think about here, peoples; please move along. That’s all, folks!

    ~ D-FensDogG

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  3. Tough contest! I like them both, but I know you need a vote. So, I’m casting my vote based on ‘which of the two could I listen to the longest and multiple times’.. Patsy Cline gets my vote, but I could be easily swayed with a bribe from Carly if it came right down to it.

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  4. Both are great but I give it to Carly who sings this song in a sultry style even with that beat. I find I would listen to this one more than the Patsy Cline version even though she, too, is great.

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  5. My favorite was the song written by Chilton Price, Pee Wee King, and Redd Stewart sung by Patsy Cline. The proof is that after listening to both of them, I had to listen to Patsy Cline sing, “See the pyramids along the Nile”, again.

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  6. I really like the song by Patsy Cline. I’ve heard a lot of great renditions throughout the years. This is a good one.

    But, ah–the memories! Carly’s song came out when I was married to my first wife. We had a number of her albums on cassettes and we listened to them so often. It’s bittersweet to hear this song. I vote for Carly’s song.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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