Writer’s Workshop: The 8 Things I Like About Winter

Winter, for all practical purposes, lasts from December 1 to February 28. Of those 90 days, eight of them, from Christmas to New Year’s inclusive, are my favorites.

It all started when the company I worked for gave us the last week of the year off as paid holidays. Now, in addition to three weeks of vacation, I had another week, and didn’t have to use one of them to take that week off. Ever since, even after we were sold to a company that didn’t give us that week off as paid holidays, I would take that week off, because we just liked it.

Understand, we don’t do anything major that week. The only year we went anywhere, it was to spend Christmas with Mom. In past years, we’d spend the week going to movies, going out to lunch and for coffee, or just sitting around and reading or watching TV, just being together. When I was traveling a lot, it was nice to spend a week together. Even now that I’m retired, home all the time, and somewhat handicapped, we still enjoy it.

One of the reasons is that all the hoopla surrounding Christmas is over by then. We’ve pretty well insulated ourselves from that anyway, but it’s more the idea that the holiday is past. It meant something more in the years I was involved with Music Ministry, when it seemed that I was practicing all the time and we had to be at church earlier than anyone else (we usually played at the 9 PM Mass on Christmas Eve) and had to cope with the parking lot.

And, we have our traditional dinner of pizza rolls on New Year’s Eve. Neither one of us can remember when that started. It might have been when one of us asked "What do you want for dinner on New Year’s Eve?" and the other said "Pizza rolls."

"But John," you’re dying to ask me, "how is what you do during the last week of the year any different from what you do with the other 51?" The difference, I think, is knowing that it’s the last week of the year. Whatever else is going on in the world, there’s the feeling that you can say "I’ll worry about that next year" and really mean it. Even though "next year" is next week.

As for the rest of winter, it’s really kind of "enh." There’s nothing really to look forward to, unless you like white sales.

25 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: The 8 Things I Like About Winter

  1. Pat saves up all of his leave to take the last two weeks off at the end of every year too. He looks forward to it like a child looks forward to summer vacation. I love it!


    1. It’s a great time to take vacation. There is practically nothing going on, and in my area a lot of people are gone that week anyway (even this year). I heard someone describe it as The Twilight Zone of the year, a week that just sort of exists…

      A few years ago we needed to hve a new roof put on the house, and the roofer offered us a deal on the job if we’d have it done that week. We were out most of the time having coffee or running around doing stuff, so we didn’t have to sit home listening to BANG-BANG-BANG all day. And we got a few hundred bucks off the cost of a roof.


  2. Now that you mention it, I’ve enjoyed that last week too. Like you point out, the pressures of Christmas are over, and it’s typically a week for fun and rest. Happy old year.


  3. Pizza Rolls! I read your post and the thought of them stuck in my mind. So much so that I made a tray of them for a club gathering for a few friends last evening and it was a huge hit. I’m actually planning on adding them to our Christmas Eve appetizer menu!

    It’s the simple things we can look back on, aside from all the commotion which the holidays often bring.

    And, I couldn’t agree more on the excitement of winter fading once the seasonal celebrations end. The snow seems so much less exciting after Christmas.

    Stay safe!


    1. It’s not exactly exciting before Christmas, at least not here. Snow and Atlanta don’t get along so well.

      Glad I could contribute in a small way to your party and to your Christmas Eve celebration. For whatever reason, I tend to lump Chex Mix in there, too…


    1. I don’t mind it much since I live in the South. We get cold weather, but nowhere near the frigid subzero days with winds blowing in your face no matter which way you turn like I grew up with in Chicago.

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  4. We love everything from Thanksgiving until January 1st. We have a lot of January birthdays on our family, so that keeps things a bit festive. I feel a little dormant until I see the buds forming on the redbud and dogwood trees – my early heralds of spring.


    1. Two of my nephews have birthdays in February, as did Dad (the day after Valentine’s Day). There are good times in January and February, but mostly it’s just cold, though not as bad here as Chicago…

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  5. I enjoy winter because I like cold weather, however, I don’t like extremely cold weather. In our neck of the woods, the weather is pretty mild compared to other places I’ve lived and visited.


  6. I wish I could share your good thoughts about winter, but I can’t. I’ve reached the point where winter is a time to be survived and placed in a medicated pain killer stupor until things warm up.
    So it goes.


  7. I love the whole season even if it is busy. Between Christmas and New Year’s, I love just relaxing, reading, watching movies and being lazy. When January begins, I have to admit I have a sense of foreboding because it is so unknown. I soon snap out of it and enjoy the winter. Nope, I do not go skiing or skating..nope.


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