Dust Magnet! #socs

A result of the fact that I sat around during the summer when I was high school watching daytime TV is the above commercial for Endust, the "dust magnet." The commercial is from 1972, when I was 16. Did I have better things to do? I’m sure I did. Did I do them? Are you kidding?

Daytime TV used to be game shows, movies, reruns, and soap operas. Now it’s talk shows and court shows. No wonder kids are such a mess. Especially since they’re home most of the day hiding from Covid-19.

What am I saying? Kids have many more options these days. They have the Internet, online gaming, streaming music and TV, hundreds of channels by cable and/or satellite. They don’t need network TV or the radio. They can tailor what they hear and see according to their personal preferences. Don’t want to hear a particular artist or song? Skip it. Didn’t want to see a particular movie or TV show? There’s a plethora of other movie and TV shows to see.

When I was in high school, I dreamed about the day where I could specify what I wanted to hear and see. Now that day is here, and I’ve lost interest.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Viceroy cigarettes. Viceroy’s got the taste that’s right, right anytime of the day!

22 thoughts on “Dust Magnet! #socs

  1. This is always the way. I think our kids’ brains would explode if they had to sit through having no choice – can’t stream any old thing, can’t fast forward through commercials, get stuck with whatever happens to come on the radio while you’re riding around. Bless their whole hearts.


  2. Growing up with one TV and one bathroom, we had to learn to share. I watched soap operas and westerns half the time. But Disney was fun. Later, I was glad my dad liked the Smothers Brothers and Laugh In. It seems like I was in my late teens or early 20s when this new station came on. It was TBS. They had a woman reading the news with live goldfish in her earrings and maybe some movies. I remember telling my friends about it like it was a big huge deal, and it was back then.


  3. How well I remember the Endust commercial. Women were always housewives wearing apron and cleaning up after men–except for Josephine the plumber.



    1. It was the early ’70’s and a lot of women were still homemakers. Probably better than half. Josephine was played by Jane Withers, who was a child actress around the same time as Shirley Temple, but nothing at all like Shirley…


  4. We had one television station on a black and white tv. We were exposed to the Farm Report, my grandmother’s ‘stories’, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, Sing Along with Mitch, The Lawrence Welk Show and the Wonderful World of Disney! Oh yes, and Bob Hope entertaining the troops.

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  5. A h yes, and besides having little choice in programing, where I lived we only had three TV channels. (Two if it were cloudy.) I remember when we got public television when I was in high school, my sisters and I were elated. Not for the programs, but for the fact that we now had FOUR t.v. stations. They were good times for outside activitiesl

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    1. We watched plenty of TV, but we also went out and played a lot. I remember when Chicago got its first UHF station, and we didn’t have a TV that could receive UHF stations. It killed me to know that there was TV I couldn’t watch.

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