Writer’s Workshop: Why Is There Air?

I’ve written about the two best gifts I ever got for Christmas, five years ago last Thursday. Looking at the prompts for today, the one about the "best gift ever" was the only one that I felt comfortable answering, and of course I had already done it…

But I did remember another gift…

My aunt Moe, Mom’s next-to-youngest sister, lived with Fabulous Auntie Jill on Sheridan Road. Together they had a great collection of records, including what became my favorite, Why Is There Air? by Bill Cosby. I thought that album was hilarious…

The record belonged to Moe, and the two of us were able to laugh about it because she thought it was hilarious, too. Anyway, that Christmas, she gave me the album. Not just a copy of it, she gave me hers.

The older I get, the more I can appreciate that. She actually parted with a record she really liked because her goofy nephew liked it so much. Thanks, Moe! Love ya!

16 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Why Is There Air?

  1. What a thoughtful gift! He sounds so different, interesting how his comedic timing and delivery changed over the years.


  2. Passing down “things” has become the norm for me, as my grandchildren are getting older. Mainly because they’ve grown up with my various collections and have often reminded me about items they would like to have…long after I’m gone, of course.

    It gives me comfort to know the grandkids will appreciate everything but I’m more relieved that I won’t be around to witness the hair-pulling match when my daughters decide who gets what!


    1. Mom was like that after a while. She asked if I wanted any of Dad’s books, and to go ahead and take them. She was like “they’re just things.” Which they were, but they meant something to me.


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