The Romjul Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by king-size Chesterfield cigarettes. If you like a mild smoke but don’t like filters, join the Chesterfield people!

Mom smoked them for years.

Apartment Therapy gave me the name for this week, the one between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve: Romjul, from the Norwegian. According to their source, there are five parts to the Christmas season there, Advent, Julaften (Christmas Eve), Romjul, Nyttår, and Epiphany. Christmas Eve is really the focus of their holiday, where Christmas is a more quiet affair.

Anyway, the leg pump is doing a very good job of keeping the swelling in my leg down, which is a good sign. Friday night, Mary had the idea of of running me right through a second hour after my first was complete. I thought it was a good idea, too, and slept pretty well through the night, albeit having to go to the bathroom more frequently. When I woke up yesterday morning, I had a real case of the crud, which I think came as a result of giving my lymphatic system a real workout. I wonder if there’s been stuff trapped in there for a while. I napped on and off through the afternoon and had some very vivid and very strange dreams. It was so cool…

Anyway, let’s review what happened this past week.

I was challenged to come up with a playlist of Christmas songs. On Monday, I gave a playlist of non-religious songs, then on Friday I came up with a list of me traditional songs and carols, though some of the arrangements were not exactly "traditional."

Answered questions about my favorite cookie, age I’d like to spend the rest of my life at, whether I have a traditional drink with which to celebrate the holidays, and whether I still felt the Christmas "magic."

Went over the Top Ten for KELI in Tulsa, Oklahoma for December 22, 1972.

The quote led me to a discussion about cosplay and other ways of allowing a person to be something they aren’t and how it might lead some to make their excursion into the land of make-believe a more permanent arrangement, and how if one is tempted to do so, one needs to do a lot of thinking about what the possible ramifications, short- and long-term, would be. At least that’s what I think it was about…

Poked fun at what the next "stimulus" might entail…

In my most recent Battle, which was between Patsy Cline and Carly Simon and their respective versions of "You Belong To Me," Carly beat Patsy by a final score of 8 to 5.

A brief story about my Aunt Moe giving me her Bill Cosby album for Christmas because she knew how much I liked it.

The prompt was "box," and I talked about Boxing Day, recycling boxes from Amazon, and shared a video of kids’ reactions to jack-in-the-boxes.

Tomorrow we shift from Christmas songs to New Year’s songs on MMMM. All the usual features will be here, and maybe a couple of additional posts reviewing this past year and maybe some further changes on the blog here, I haven’t decided. Anyway, be sure and join us this week.

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