Share Your World For December 28, 2020

The last Share Your World for 2020! Don’t forget, Melanie has everything you need to play the Share Your World game at home. And now…

Pick three words to describe this past year. Since I’ve been told to keep it polite, "bad, worse, worst." What I’d like to say are the last three words of my first paragraph in today’s Monday’s Music Moves Me post.

What were the best books you read this year? Or the best movie you saw? I started a few books, but didn’t have the patience or the attention span to finish any of them. As for movies, I didn’t see any. I read a lot of blogs, though.

Because there was lots of time for looking inward, what is one big personal lesson you learned this past year? I gotta get off social media.

Do you think Covid has strengthened or weakened societal bonds? Covid-19 is a virus. Its purpose in life is to infect and replicate. It does nothing to strengthen or weaken societal bonds. And I’ll leave it at that…

18 thoughts on “Share Your World For December 28, 2020

  1. You gave a very good literal response to did covid strengthen or weaken society bounds? I change my Pollyanna answer to something more like Paula’s.


  2. Yes, I miss hugging and having friends over. I would say Sad, different, fat. To be honest I have read different magazines from John Wayne to scary places but I did enjoy Hank and Jim(Henry Fonda and James Stewart). As for movies, I have seen so many, as you know that, right now my mind has gone blank like a chicken caught in the headlights. I need to walk more…when I can and organize my craft room than sitting. That last question…I appreciate my friends more because I miss seeing them but I do enjoy working from home which lessened the amount of people I actually see. I just appreciate more.


  3. My answers parallel yours! 2020 sucked! I don’t read books – I read blogs. I agree with you on Covid-19. I have narrowed down my social media sites but I still spend a lot of time on the sites I enjoy. I’ve made a lot of changes by moving away from Instagram, Google, and Gmail. I found a more secure site for email and I use a VPN to access my sites. Keep on keeping on.


  4. I read a lot of books. The best I can recall reading was, A Gentleman in Moscow. Don’t watch many movies. Three words to describe 2020 – worry, anxiety and anger. Biggest personal lesson – exercise is extremely important in a time like this. Societal bonds? – Better with people you agree with but worse with people with whom you disagree.


    1. I think I saw a review of A Gentleman In Moscow. Maybe I’ll try Audible and see how I like it. I spend a couple of hours a day lying in bed having my leg compressed, might as well do something productive…

      Happy New Year to you and Loretta and your family!


  5. Thanks John for Sharing Your World! Thanks too for keeping the tone “PG”! I perhaps badly worded the last question…maybe I should have written it thus: “Do you think the stress of a pandemic has… etc etc”. It’s been real interesting to read folks’ thoughts on that, varying from ‘strengthened’ to ‘weakened” and a lot of points in between. Thanks for your always welcome and astute thoughts! I hope your New Year is the happiest it can be too!


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