Simply 6 Minutes: Judge Not…

When I see a statement such as the one above, I wonder who decides what I "deserve." I mean, I can have an opinion about it, and others can have their opinions, but those are just that, opinions.

It’s kind of like on the old TV show Maude, when Maude would turn to her husband and say "God’ll get you for that, Walter." Will God make something terrible happen to Walter because his wife said it will? As St. Paul says on two separate occasions (1 Cor. 2:16, Rom. 11:34), "who has known the Mind of God?" Maybe God is getting Maude for something she said, through what Walter has said or done.

A priest friend of mine had an expression, "God didn’t go on vacation and leave you in charge." Or, as we said in the old neighborhood, "who died and made you the boss?" (Another thing we used to say in the old neighborhood was "Geez, is this an old neighborhood…")

We’re all guilty of saying this sometimes: "Keep doing that and you’ll get what’s coming to you." Maybe we shouldn’t.

Christine is the proprietor of Simply 6 Minutes. She has the rules and everything over at her place. I made the badge, ’cause that’s just the kind of guy I am. You can use it if you like…

10 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: Judge Not…

  1. Oh, my goodness, you brought to mind two things my mother said! One, something she often said if I was a bit too bossy or demanding, “Who died and made you queen?” Then, as an average teenage girl, I did lie a bit about where I was going. No parties, or drinking or drugs. She told me “God will get you if you’re lying.” Wait! What? We never went to church! We were, if not atheist, a completely secular family! Apparently that was all she had to threaten me with. I wish we had been close enough I could have told her that and we would have laughed together.


  2. John, thank you for your insight. It is so true that no one can know who makes these decisions, it is all about faith. I suppose those people who don’t believe in God or a god may have a different idea. I think that is the beauty of faith, no one is right or wrong…


  3. You make a really good point because why would you or I deserve so much pain and why should have suffered a stroke making your life so difficult? What did we do to deserve this? I wonder if we were bad in a previous life so we pay for it now? I wonder why Alex Trebek, a man known to give so much and be such a gentleman to die from such a form of cancer. Actually, it make me think of Alexander Haig who tried to take control when Reagan was shot.


    1. I’m the oldest in my family, but my brothers were bigger…. Even my youngest brother, who’s 20 year younger, towers over me. and his boys are as tall as he is. Taller, even. But I outweigh them…

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