Servus Servorum Dei #jusjojan

Unknown author, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Most documents issued by the Pope are signed "Servus Servorum Dei," "The servant of the servants of God." Whether or not it’s true, or the Pontiff at the time means it when he uses it, it’s a sort of tradition that they all follow.

A quick jot for Linda’s Just Jot It January…

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    1. There are people to whom it’s a living, thriving language. Every once in a while on Jeopardy! you’ll get a middle school Latin teacher who says her schedule is full. A surprising amount of English is based in Latin, and parents have their kids take it for that reason.

      The official language of the Catholic Church is Latin, and any time the Pope comes out with an encyclical it’s written in Latin and translated from there.


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