The “Good Riddance, 2020” Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Philip Morris cigarettes. You’ll be glad tomorrow you smoked Philip Morris today!

That’s little Johnny Roventini at the end with the famous line "CALLLL FOR PHILIP MORRRRRRR-EEES!"

We’ve made it through 2020, and bid it a not-so-fond farewell. It’s too much to hope that all of 2020’s ills are behind us now, but at least the year is 2021. That has to account for something, right?

Not much else to say that hasn’t already been said. I realize a Battle of the Bands was scheduled for Friday, but I haven’t been able to get my act together to put one out there, so I won’t have one until Friday the 15th. I also decided at the last minute to postpone Five For Friday. Friday was not a great day here: nothing especially wrong, I was neither drunk nor hungover, just couldn’t get the lead out. So, let’s move on with the summary of what I did do…

The final week of the Xmas Music Xtravaganza was songs for New Year’s Eve. I took some favorites and added a few new ones.

A few year-end type questions, as you might expect. My reply to one question was that I needed to get off of social media, but seems I can’t, not entirely. I’ll keep my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts pretty much as a way to announce blog news, but generally I’ve been keeping away from them, anyway.

We visited KAZZ in San Antonio, Texas and played their Top Ten from the last week of 1965.

The prompt had some language about "getting what you deserve," and it got me to wondering who decides what you deserve, particularly the people who threaten you with eternal damnation by saying that God will deal with you. I’m always reminded me of the saying "People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones." Words to live by…

My one-liner came from a witness to an argument between an English-speaking woman and a couple of Korean gentlemen. Seems the woman demand that they speak to each other in English, and the other came back with a Monty Python-esque retort.

I wrote about my first girlfriend, Julie, who I ran into as an adult. Hadn’t changed a bit.

Oh, yeah, and Just Jot It January started on Friday. Friday’s prompt was "speech," and I wrote about being on the debate team in freshman year of high school. Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness prompt was "in the corner," and I discussed putting people in the corner as punishment. New reader Janet Crum latched on to the idea of having a "Go Stand In The Corner" prompt as a blog hop, which got me to thinking… How does everyone feel about having a monthly blog hop called "Go Stand In The Corner," where you write a post telling someone in the news or your life to go stand in the corner? Maybe the third Wednesday in every month? Let me know in the comments!

I’m assuming that tomorrow is a freebie day on M⁴, because (a) all last month was specified as Christmas music and (b) I have no idea where to look for the themes since Marie moved her blog to Blogger. Everything else will be status quo.

5 thoughts on “The “Good Riddance, 2020” Week That Was

  1. I am having a hard time getting organized after the turn of the new year. I like the idea of the blog hop and the subject matter seems perfect.


  2. I naturally have times when I’m less active on social media. I don’t plan it, it just happens. Instagram is particularly fluid because I don’t drive and I’ve been frequenting the same places. My local area is beautiful, but the same view 27 times in a row is probably overkill!

    Happy 2021 x


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